Rip Curl Flashbomb 3/2mm Zip Free Wetsuit Review

Rip Curl Flashbomb 3/2 Zip Free WetsuitThe Rip Curl Flashbomb Zip Free 3/2mm has consistently been one of our best selling wetsuits since it’s release. We get a lot of questions about this suit, so we’ve put together a full detailed review to take a closer look. If you need the most warmth and flexibility in a 3/2mm possible, the Flash Bomb Zip Free is an excellent choice. 

This model is also available as a 4/3mm for this year, and aside from the extra thickness, its identical to the 3/2mm version. 

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Zip Free Entry

Zip Free Entry

The Flash Bomb has always been one of the most loved zip free wetsuits at Cleanline and part of its popularity can definitely be attributed to how smooth and easy the entry is. The zip free entry has come along way since it was first introduced and Rip Curl really has the entry down better than anyone else. Their take on the entry is about as easy as a chest zip to get in and out of and holds up well to abuse over time. 

If you’ve never used a zip free entry before, it’s very similar to a chest zip entry where you enter through the neck hole of the suit and then once the suit is on and around your neck, you adjust the fit. Once it’s on, you adjust the fit with a cinch cord instead of a zipper fixture like on a chest zip. 

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Zip Free E6


Rip Curl has updated the Flash Bomb’s rubber for 2019/2020 and now uses two different materials to make up the suit. The body of the suit uses the same tried and true E5 Neoprene that’s been on the Flash Bomb from the last few years, while the areas that need the most flexibility (Arms and shoulders) use Rip Curl’s new E6 rubber. 

What is the difference between E5 and E6 Neoprene?

E6 neoprene was introduced last year on the E-Bomb series of suits and is the most flexible rubber Rip Curl produces. Rip Curl tested it at 25% more flexible and 15% lighter than E5. While it’s similar in warmth to E5 it’s really used more for its high-performance flex characteristics. 

E6 is also easy to pick out, as if you turn this wetsuit inside out, all the sections with a blue linear are E6 neoprene. Aside from being more flexible and lighter than E5 it’s also really comfortable. 

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Zip Free Inside

Flash Lining

The Flash Bomb Zip Free has Flash Lining through ¾ of the suit from the chest down. The big idea with this wetsuit is to have the warmest, lightest most flexible suit possible. Rip Curl’s decision to keep this liner just to the areas that need the most warmth like the core and legs while keeping it out of the areas that don’t need the extra material like the arms and shoulders is a smart call. Without the lining in the arms and shoulders, these areas also feel lighter and more flexible. 

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Zip Free Seams and StitchingSeams & Stitching

This suit, throughout the body, is sealed internally with Flash Lining Tape. This tape looks like the lining it’s named after and has an orange, fuzzy appearance to it. Also, like the linear, it is comfortable and generally warmer than the standard internal tape used on most wetsuits. While most of the suit uses this Flash Lining tape, the arms and shoulders use a super stretchy E6 flash lining tape over key stress areas. While the Zip Free version is the only Flash Bomb to not have any kind of external tape over the seams, that was a deliberate choice to help keep it as light as possible. 


The Flash Bomb Zip Free is truly comfortable and I think one part of that has to do with the Flash Lining in the core. The Flash Lining is most known for its fast drying time and warmth properties but it’s also just really easy to wear. Another part of that comfort I think is the zip free entry. Zip Free Entries allows for more comfort, lightweight feel, and flexibility throughout since the suits it uses larger panels of neoprene and there’s not a heavy zipper fixture running either the length of the chest or back. 


  • Excellent Flexibility
  • User-Friendly Zip Free Entry
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Flash Lining and Tape Throughout the Core and Legs

Final Impression

If you want to try a zipless suit or are just looking for the most performance possible in a 3/2mm the Flash Bomb Zip Free would be a great place to start. It’s solid on all fronts and as accessible as zipless suits come. Buy the Rip Curl Flash Bomb Zip Free 3/2mm Wetsuit

If you have any questions about this suit or any other suit leave a comment below, shoot an email to or give us a call at 1-888-546-6176.


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