Patagonia Women’s R4 Wetsuit – Exclusively at Cleanline Surf

PatagoniaCleanlineWmnsR4It was not long ago that wetsuits weren’t tailored to be gender specific.  Women had to choose the best wetsuit from companies that didn’t even consider the female anatomy when designing their suits. While this is still an issue today, we here at Cleanline Surf support women’s cold water surfing, especially considering a wetsuit at least 5/4mm thick is vital for winters here on Oregon’s northern coast. This is why we have partnered up with Patagonia to exclusively offer the new 2014 Women’s R4 Hooded Chest Zip wetsuit.

Patagonia Women's R4 Wetsuit.  The new Women’s R4 is poised to be the warmest women’s wetsuit on the market, geared for water temperatures 38⁰- 50⁰ Fahrenheit. Cleanline and our fellow women surfers felt the absence of the women’s R4 in 2013, which is why we urged Patagonia to offer a new women’s R4.  The new model features many aspects surfers have grown to love in Patagonia, like the merino wool lining , however, it is the new additions Patagonia made to the R4 this year that really separates them from the competition.

  • Full Taping on All Internal Seems
  • 100% External Seem Sealing, Triple Glued, Blindstitched

As with all Patagonia wetsuits, the new women’s R4 is made with high-quality neoprene that meets their rigorous standards for strength, durability and warmth. For 2014, Patagonia has introduced full taping on ALL the internal seems. This is a major upgrade from past suits where Patagonia only taped seems in critical areas susceptible to movement. Along with internal seem taping throughout, Patagonia offers 100% external seam sealing which are triple glued and blind-stitched. The result is the driest and warmest suit Patagonia has ever offered.

  • Thicker Neoprene
  • Micro-Grid Thermal Lining

Patagonia Women's R4 Wetsuit.  (Inside).

The thickness of the new R4 has been increased an extra millimeter, making it 5.5/4.5 mm thick. For 2014, Patagonia coupled the extra thickness with a new hydrophobic micro-grid recycled polyester thermal lining in the arms, legs and hood, instead of merino wool throughout like in the previous model. This new material is considerably lighter and more flexible than the merino wool, and dries much faster.


  • Better Fit
  • Anatomically Correct

Patagonia Women's R4 Wetsuit.

The improvements don’t stop there. After reading customer reviews on last Women’s R4, we noticed that most issues were based on the fit. Whether the fit just wasn’t right or the hood was too big; there seemed to a miss. This year Patagonia introduced new gender-specific anatomical patterning in all their wetsuits. In regards to the Women’s R4, Patagonia designed their new suit around the natural contour of the female body. This ensures that the new suit will fit truer, and be more comfortable than ever before.

  • Hooded Chest Zip or Back Zip
  • Price Reduction!

Patagonia Women's R4 Wetsuit.  (Inside, Back). The Women’s R4 is now available in both a hooded front-zip as well as a hoodless back-zip. The back-zip has a center-back entry with internal gaskets to prevent unwanted water from entering the suit.  The hooded front-zip option features a detachable zip entry for maximum performance and ease of entry.  Another major difference in the update is a price drop.  The hooded Women’s R4 retails at $528.95 which is about $90 less than the previous R4.


The new women’s R4 is now available at Cleanline Surf at both shops on the Northern Oregon Coast as well as  If you are a woman looking for a suit capable of tackling the most extreme cold-water conditions, look no further. Patagonia has once again delivered a top of the line product. Not only is the R4 the warmest suit we carry, but it’s one of the most functional too. Don’t let extreme conditions dictate your session, pick up an R4 and get out there!

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