O’Neill Pyrotech Wetsuit Review – Technobutter is Sick!

O'Neill Pyrotech Wetsuit Review

Yep. I have to say that Technobutter Neoprene is the by far the best thing I have seen from the wetsuit industry this year. I’m waiting for this suit(or the Psycho 3) to win wetsuit of the year. It’s funny because I haven’t heard a lot of hype behind it, but it’s awesome. For the past few weeks I have been wearing the Pyrotech 5.5/4 Hooded Wetsuit, and it honestly is so lightweight and flexible it feels like a 4/3. Being a tall and lean guy(5’11” 157lbs) I fit the O’Neill suits perfect. I’m wearing a size small because this thing is that flexible. It pretty much feels like a second skin, and is extremely comfortable.

As far as warmth goes, it’s a 5.5/4mm suit so you’re covered into the upper 40’s no problem as long as you have some solid boots and gloves to go along with it. It also has a smooth skin chest and back panel that helps break the wind, and trap in heat.

O'Neil Pyrotech Hooded Wetsuit

The construction overall is very solid in this suit. It is a high end wetsuit, and all the suits I have owned from O’Neill in the past have held up great. Durability on this suit with the new Technobutter neoprene is yet to be seen I suppose, however I previously owned the RG8, which was the model before the Pyrotech and after a year and a half the seams are all doing great and the suit is still pretty warm. Only the knee has worn through slightly from duck diving(which you shouldn’t do with your knee anyways).

All in all this is my favorite suit of all time. It may not be quite the warmest suit out there due to it’s lack of fleece lining, but the thickness does a good job of making up for that. As far as flexibility I don’t know a better suit that is equal in warmth. Coming form someone who has worn a handful of wetsuits from most of the major brands I hope this endorsement carries some weight. The Fall 2013 Pyrotech is well worth it.

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