O’Neill Psycho Tech Review for 2018

O'Neill Psycho Tech Review for 2018

The newest Psycho Tech wetsuit from O’Neill is the pinnacle of wetsuit technology and performance. Gone are the days of sacrificing one desirable trait in light of another. The new Psycho Tech is lightweight and warm. Durable and Flexible. Easy to get on and it dries fast. Oh, and to top that off, O’Neill is now offering the 5.5mm Hooded Psycho Tech in a Women’s Version as well. Overall, O’Neill hit an absolute home run with this wetsuit and I cannot wait to tell you why it should replace your current hooded full suit.


O’Neill first introduced their TechnoButter neoprene with the release of the Pyro Tech back in 2013. Last year they changed the name to the Psycho Tech and upgraded the neoprene to their Techno Butter 2 technology. Both of those suits were our best selling wetsuits for their respective years. If you have experienced either wetsuit than I don’t have to tell you about the mind-boggling flexibility or the exceptional comfort of the TechnoButter neoprene. This year, O’Neill took these already amazing wetsuits to the next level.

New Updates

O'Neill Psycho Tech Review for 2018O’Neill’s exclusive TechnoButter 3 material may be the biggest breakthrough in wetsuit technology since its invention back in the 1950’s. This year’s TB3 has several new distinctive features that elevate it above models of years past. The TB3 neoprene is substantially lighter and more flexible than the TechnoButter from previous years. This year’s TB3 neoprene is pre-stretched to retain its form for maximum flexibility. This allows the neoprene to snap back to hug the body for ultimate comfort and a superior fit. This is the perfect suit for those surfers like me who may fluctuate between sizes depending on the season and the amount of beers they are drinking.  

O'Neill Psycho Tech Review for 2018

Firewall Jersey on the Interior of the Suit

Another new feature of the Psycho Tech wetsuit is the TB3 Firewall jersey, which is comprised of maximum stretch hydrophobic yarn. This plays two major roles in the performance of the suit.  First, it contributes to the suit’s phenomenal flexibility. Second, it sheds water instead of absorbing it and will do so for the lifespan of the suit. This keeps the suit unbelievably lightweight and relatively dry, even when submerged in water. The jersey lines the torso as well as the upper legs so it plays a pivotal role in keeping your core warm and extending the length of your session.

O'Neill Psycho Tech Review for 2018

Techno Butter 3 Neoprene Up Close

The final new feature of the TB3 you can’t see with the naked eye. O’Neill has implemented an Envy Foam Rubber Core into the interior of the neoprene in both the chest and back. This consists of a microscopic air-cell rubber core formula, which plays a role in both maximizing heat insulation while decreasing the overall weight. The end result is a wetsuit that carries the warmth of 5.5-6mm wetsuit while retaining the weight of a normal 4/3mm. As a surfer who wears a 5/4 year round, this is a huge breakthrough. Less mass equals less resistance, which leads to longer sessions.



Other Features

O'Neill Psycho Tech Review for 2018

O’Neill’s Red Zone Zipper

Aside from all the upgrades to the neoprene, the Psycho Tech hooded wetsuit has all the top of the line features you would expect from a high-end O’Neill wetsuit. The Front Upper Zip Entry (F.U.Z.E.) is a breeze to get in and out of and uses the same technology as O’Neill’s patented ZEN Zip closure featuring drain holes to keep you dry and warm. The durable RedZone water-resistant zipper is one of my favorite features. The zipper is already fed into the teeth so you don’t have to fumble around with frozen fingers trying to line the thing up perfectly. Just pull the hood over your head and slide the zipper from left to right.

O'Neill Psycho Tech Review for 2018

External Fluid Seam Weld Over the Stitching

Furthermore, the suit comes equipped with an external fluid seam weld made from a durable 8mm silicone-based urethane. This helps keep water out while allowing maximum stretch. The interior is triple-glued and blind stitched leaving little to no room for blown seams. Finally, the double sealed collar and Krypto Knee pads are great touches that add that little extra durability where we need it.

Overall, this suit is near perfect. The only negative I have found is that with the exterior being so soft and buttery, it is a little more susceptible to minor knicks and tears. However,  I am often times entering and exiting the water on barnacle covered cobblestones, and it could be due to my lack of grace. If you normally surf sandy beach breaks you don’t have to worry about that as much. Just be careful changing in the car lot on the pavement. I would recommend investing in a changing mat of some form.


In review, the new O’Neill Psycho Tech is the best suit I have ever owned. It’s lightweight composition and insane flexibility allow me to extend my sessions a considerable amount from a fatigue standpoint. Yet these amazing performance characteristics do not limit the suit’s functionality when it comes to warmth. In the 6 months, I have owned this suit, there hasn’t been a single session that I’ve had to cut short due to being cold. This suit is currently our best selling wetsuit, and for good reason. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to jump on the Bandwagon and pick up the Psycho Tech.

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