O’Neill Hyperfreak Comp Wetsuit Review

O'Neill Hyperfreak Comp Wetsuit Review

The Hyperfreak Comp is O’Neill’s most flexible model and one of our favorite zipless wetsuits. Originally designed with the competitive surfer in mind, the Hyperfreak Comp takes O’Neill’s best materials and removes any extra features that add weight or restrict flexibility. What’s left is one of the lightest and stretchiest wetsuits out there. So, if you’re someone who values flexibility over all else, read on for our full review of the Hyperfreak Comp.

The Hyperfreak has been out for a few years now and since it’s release, it’s quickly become a go-to for surfers needing a flexible zipless 3/2mm or 4/3mm. While O’Neill originally designed this around young competitive surfers, the Hyperfreak Comp is really for anyone that needs an ultra-high-performance wetsuit.

O'Neill Hyperfreak Comp TechnotButter 3X Neoprene

To make the Hyperfreak Comp as pliable as possible, O’Neill uses their best rubber, TechnoButter 3X (TB3X) throughout the majority of the wetsuit. TechnoButter 3X is special because it’s somehow even more flexible than the beloved TechnoButter 3 rubber you’ll find on O’Neill’s priciest suits like the Psycho Freak.  The inside jersey and the “paddling zone” (The arms/shoulders) on the outside of the suit are built with TechnoButter 3X while Technobutter 3 is used from the chest down on the outside. You can easily pick out which sections are made with TB3X rubber as it has a unique corduroy appearance to it.

O'Neill Hyperfreak Comp Seams and Stitching

If you take a closer look at the seams on the Hyperfreak Comp you’d see they’re all triple-glued & blindstitched and on the inside,  fully sealed with internal tape. Internal tape is a popular feature with high-end wetsuits because it not only fortifies the seam’s strength and extends the lifespan of the suit, but it also prevents water from leaking in through the stitching. O’Neill has their own special strain of internal tape that they use on the Hyperfreak called “TechnoButter 3X Tape. This TB3X tape is the lightest and most flexible tape O’Neill makes. So while internal tape can sometimes stiffen up a wetsuit, this material stretches with the rest of the suit. Like TB3X neoprene, it’s easy to pick this material out as it has a corduroy-like look to it as well. 

Another cool feature of the Hyperfreak Comp is it’s cut with large panels of neoprene and minimal seams. With fewer seams and more space in between the panels, the suit can flex more and it’s also lighter without all the extra stitching.

O'Neill Hyperfreak Comp Zipless Entry

Zipless entries are the most flexible entry system but a common complaint with this design has been that they’re challenging to get on and off. That being said, O’Neill nailed it with their version as the design and this entry is easier to get in and out of than most zipless suits. If you’re new to this entry system, it works the same way a chest zip does, except you pull the chest panel of neoprene open extra wide (instead of unzipping a zipper) to reveal the entrance hole. From there, you put it on as normal and seal it back up with the help of a cinch cord.

Since there’s no zipper fixture running through the chest or back, you’re going to experience more flexibility and comfort in those areas while simultaneously reducing weight. So if you don’t mind a little extra work it’s an overall win-win-win.

O'Neill Hyperfreak Fit & Durability

The Hyperfreak Comp fits true to size and like all of O’Neill’s wetsuits, it’s a good pick for surfers with broader shoulders or a bigger chest in particular. As far as comfort goes, this is one of the best feeling wetsuits to wear. The rubber is soft and light, and between the larger panels of rubber and zipless entry, the Hyperfreak Comp is super comfortable.

Durability-wise, these suits are pretty tough but I wouldn’t expect it to have the longevity of some of O’Neill’s more expensive suits. These are high-performance wetsuits designed to be as stretchy as possible even if it means sacrificing some overall durability. That being said, O’Neill has in our opinion, the best warranty repair team in the biz. So in the event that anything comes up, they’ll do an excellent repair under warranty.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Hyperfreak Comp is the most flexible, most comfortable wetsuit in its price range and surprisingly affordable at that. For just about $300 you can score either the 3/2mm or 4/3mm versions, which makes it a good pick for a lot of surfers, not just those focused on having the stretchiest rubber. For those interested in a Hyperfreak for colder waters, check out our full review of the new Hooded Chest Zip Hyperfreak. 

If you have any questions about the Hyperfreak Comp or any O’Neill suit we sell, definitely leave a comment, shoot an email to support@cleanlinesurf.com or give us a call at 1-888-546-6176. See you in the water!


Hyperfreak Comp 3/2mm Zipless $299.95
Hyperfreak Comp 4/3mm Zipless Wetsuit $309.95

O'Neill Hyperfreak Comp Wetsuit
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