O’Neill Hooded Hyperfreak Wetsuit Review

Brand new for this fall, O’Neill has released a hooded version of one of their best suits, the Hyperfreak. This is a wetsuit we’ve been looking forward to (and asking for) for a long time, and now that it’s been released, we can say it’s definitely surpassed our already high expectations. The Hyperfreak Hooded is the best new suit for 2019. 

The Hyperfreak has been one of our best-selling wetsuits in the 3/2mm and 4/3mm thicknesses for years and it’s not hard to see why. Sitting in the middle of O’Neill’s range in terms of price, the Hyperfreak gives you all the great materials as O’Neill’s most high-end performance models but in a much more streamlined (and less expensive) package. For the hooded version, O’Neill has chosen to bump up the thicknesses and go with a 5/4+mm and a 4/3+mm option. 

What does the “+” mean?

When designing the Hyperfreak, O’Neill skewed their cut to the thicker side. For example, the 5/4mm+ version, in reality, runs closer to a 5.5/4.5 than a 5/4mm suit. 


The biggest feature of the Hyperfreak is that it is made of O’Neill much-loved TechnoButter neoprene. TechnoButter has been O’Neill’s neoprene of choice for years on all of their top of the line suits like the Psycho Tech. TechnoButter is insanely flexible, relatively lighter than most other rubber and runs warm. While the name might seem corny, this rubber is the real deal and without question the most flexible stuff out there. The body and legs of the suit uses the most current iteration, called TechnoButter 3, while the arms and shoulders use something extra special called TechnoButter 3X.

TechnoButter 3 Neoprene through the Body and TechnoButter 3X in the Arms/Shoulders

What’s the Difference between TechnoButter 3 and TechnoButter 3X?

The “X” in TechnoButter 3X actually stands for extend and that’s because it uses a lighter and more flexible outside jersey than TechnoButter 3. Usually, a suit will have a jersey laminated onto the inside and outside of the rubber core.  The inside jersey is always a little more flexible than the outside one. For TB3X, O’Neill has taken the same inside jersey lining and laminated it to the outside. The result is a more pliable material which is why they’ve chosen it for the arms and shoulders. TB3X you can also tell apart just by looking at the suit since it has kind of a corduroy appearance to it. 

Stitching and Seams

The Hyperfreak like most of O’Neill’s higher-end suits uses triple glued and blind-stitched seams. While the outside of the suit doesn’t have any seam welds over the stitching, the entire body of the suit on the inside is sealed with the new TB3X tape. TB3X tape is noteworthy because it’s the lightest, and most flexible seam tape O’Neill has ever used. I think this is a smart lay-up for the seams because internal tape does more for long-term durability than seam welds anyway and it also sheds the added weight and price tag that comes along with them. 

TB3X Internal Tape over every seam


The fit is true to the size chart, comfortable and wears light. O’Neill tends to fit surfers with broader shoulders or a bigger chest really well, so I think anyone with that build will especially find this suit comfortable. Like other wetsuits that use TechnoButter neoprene, it’s best to aim for the middle, if not slightly towards the high end of the size chart. This rubber is so flexible it’s not ideal to be on the bottom end of a particular size’s measurements. 

The Hooded Hyperfreak doesn’t have a smooth skin panel in the chest or the back but that isn’t really an issue since the suit is already super warm and cut on the thicker side. Aside from also keeping the price down, not using smooth skin allows O’Neill to cut larger panels of neoprene. Larger panels mean fewer seams and stitching, fewer seams mean more flexibility and comfort throughout. 


  • A more streamlined version of O’Neill’s top suits
  • Excellent Value, the best in its price range
  • TechnoButter 3 and TechnoButter 3X Neoprene
  • Light and flexible TB3X tape throughout
  • Minimal Paneling
  • Overall Lightweight and Comfortable

Overall Impression

They Hyperfreak Hooded is a game-changer for O’Neill as for the first time you can get a coldwater wetsuit with all of their best features for under $400. If you’re looking for a great performance suit at a good deal, you can’t go wrong with the Hyperfreak. 


Hyperfreak 4/3+mm Hooded Chest Zip $359.95
Hyperfreak 5/4+mm Hooded Chest Zip $379.95

If you have any questions about this or any O’Neill wetsuit, give us a call at 1-888-546-6176, shoot us an email to support@cleanlinesurf.com or leave a comment below. 


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