O’Neill Epic Wetsuit Review

O’Neill Epic Wetsuit Review

The O’Neill Epic is O’Neill’s most affordable wetsuit and one that we get a lot of questions about. For surfers on a budget, the Epic is a dependable and surprisingly-flexible option. For these reasons, the Epic year after year ends up on our best-selling wetsuits list. We’ve now reviewed the Epic to try and highlight why this wetsuit is always in high demand. 

O’Neill’s overall attention to detail and quality standards are visible on their entire line of wetsuits, not just the most expensive ones. That consistency really shines through with their entry-level model, the Epic. The Epic is the least expensive wetsuit O’Neill makes, but by no means is it a “cheap” suit. There’s a lot of good features from O’Neill’s top suits that are still found on the Epic. 

O'Neill Epic Wetsuit

Ultraflex DS Neoprene
The Epic is built using O’Neill’s Ultraflex DS Neoprene, which is solid, especially for the price point. This is the same rubber that O’Neill used on the “O’Riginal” model in recent years. Those suits were $250-300, so to get that same rubber at a more affordable price for 2020 is a nice surprise. Ultraflex DS is more flexible than you’d expect, decently warm and durable. More so than most other wetsuits at this price, the Epic’s rubber really holds up to a lot of use and abuse. 

This Ultraflex DS neoprene is cut with what O’Neill cheekily calls LSD, or “Lumbar Seamless Design”. What this means is that the suit is cut with minimal seams and the largest panels of neoprene possible. The seams are the #1 area for a suit to have issues with, so by using larger panels of neoprene, the Epic becomes more flexible and durable in the process. Fewer seams also make for a better and more comfortable all-around fit. 

O'Neill Epic Zipper

Fit & Durability
Speaking of fit, The Epic has O’Neill’s classic cut to it. This is a suit where you can 100% trust the size chart, and in general, is well proportioned. O’Neill’s wetsuits always tend to fit guys and gals with more developed upper bodies really well. Swimmers, football players, weight lifters, etc. all usually fit best in O’Neill.

We’ve used the Epic in our rental fleet for years partially because of how well these wetsuits last. That being said, if something does happen, you’re also covered with O’Neill’s 1-year warranty. O’Neill in our opinion has one of the best warranty departments of any company and they really do a great, thorough job with their repairs. So it’s nice to know at the least, this suit comes with a solid backing and customer support on the materials. 

Finally, the zipper on this model is miles ahead of its competition. O’Neill’s zippers feel like they were actually designed to be used in the ocean and withstand its abuse. 

O'Neill Epic Inside-Out

Seams & Stitching
The Epic is held together by glued and blindstitched seams. Glued and Blindstitched seams are more flexible, watertight and durable than the “flatlock” style of seams seen on most of the Epic’s competition. On the inside, O’Neill has also reinforced high-stress areas with tape for an added boost of support.

Chest Zip, Women’s + Youth Versions
Finally, for this year, the Epic is available for the first time ever as a chest zip in the men’s versions. The logo placement is altered on the chest zip with a small font O’Neill logo in the top left corner of the smooth skin panel. Aside from the entry system and the logos, the chest-zip Epic is identical to the back zip version.

O’Neill also make a women’s version that has different logos and an altered cut that better fits women’s body shapes. There is also a youth version that is extremely popular. In fact, the youth Epic was our all-around second-best-selling wetsuit last year.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Epic earns its name as it truly delivers for the price point. An undeniably good deal, the Epic is one of our favorite choices for new surfers, groms, or anyone on a tight budget. We’ve had a lot of history with this model as it’s been a staple of our rental fleet for a decade. So if you have any questions about the Epic or any O’Neill suit, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-546-6176, shoot an email to support@cleanlinesurf.com or leave a comment below. 

Shop By Style

3/2mm Back Zip$169.95
4/3mm Back Zip$189.95
3/2mm Chest Zip$179.95
4/3mm Chest Zip$199.95

Women’s 3/2mm Back Zip –  $169.95
Women’s 4/3mm Back Zip$189.95

Boys 3/2mm Back Zip – 149.95
Girl’s 3/2mm Back Zip $149.95
Boys 4/3mm Back Zip $159.95
Girl’s 4/3mm Back Zip – $159.95

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