Buell RB2 Beast 5/4mm Hooded Wetsuit Review

In the past couple months I’ve enclosed my body in what’s known as a RB2 Beast by Buell wetsuits. Before we go in depth on the wetsuit itself, let me give you an insight on the brand, as it may not be the first name that comes to mind in the wetsuit world.

Quick History

Ryan Buell the owner, operator and designer of Buell Wetsuits has a background in the wetsuit industry that stems back to early 90’s. He got his start as the lead designer at Hotline wetsuits, creating suits for Flea, Barney and most of the original Mavericks chargers. Fast forward to the new millennium, when in 2018, Ryan has taken Buell Wetsuits nationwide with a full lineup of suits and has a new crew of riders like Jamie O’Brien and Nate Yeomans. Using his knowledge and years of experience to create the right neoprene to withstand the cold water temperatures that Santa Cruz, California and beyond has to offer. 

The Suit

After hearing about Ryan’s history and craftsmanship, I was stoked to get into one and see how it was for myself. My first impression with the all-around performance of the wetsuit was much more than I expected. 

Created entirely of Buell’s “Ninja Neoprene V-Foam” from head to toe, this suit has great flexibility, while providing solid interior warmth to keep you surfing longer.

    The exterior jersey of the neoprene is made of Ultra Span Flex Fabric which is super flexible. To put it all together, the RB2’s seams are sealed on the exterior with tape over triple-glued and blindstitched seams.The knee pads are covered in Supra-Tex Tuff pads which are than also triple-glued and blind-stitched and sealed with an external fluid seam weld. This helps to give superior durability and flexibility in one of the most abused parts of any suit.

I also have noticed this suit for the most part dries quickly and doesn’t hold water when wet compared to other suits, keeping a similar weight wet and when dry.


Overall, this is a great value at just under $300. It has awesome all-around performance and is built with all the right materials to withstand cold conditions. I have surfed this suit 5-10 times now and the only issue I’ve had is a little bit of pit rash. Now is your chance to pick up a RB2 Beast for a superior lasting cold water surfing experience.

Buy the Buell RB2 Beast 5/4mm Hooded Wetsuit NowFor anyone looking for something a little lighter, Buell also now makes the RB2 as a Hooded 4/3mm Chest Zip

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