Billabong Furnace Comp Hooded 5/4mm Wetsuit Review

Billabong Furnace Comp Hooded 5/4mm Wetsuit ReviewThe Billabong Furnace Comp was one of our favorite 3/2mm and 4/3mm suits of 2018. The middle child of Billabong’s line, The Furnace Carbon Comp packed a lot of value into a surprisingly low price tag and was exceptionally high performance. We were so impressed by the suit, we asked Billabong to make a thicker version for cold water. Billabong was into the idea and from that conversation, the new 5/4mm Hooded Furnace Carbon Comp was born. 

For 2019 and beyond, the Billabong Furnace Carbon Comp is now available for the first time exclusively at Cleanline as a 5/4mm Hooded Chest Zip. We’re really excited about this suit for a few reasons. To start, it has Billabong’s new groundbreaking Graphene liner.Billabong Furnace Carbon Comp's Graphene LinearGraphene Plus Thermal Lining
New for 2020, Billabong has completely redesigned its internal lining and all of their full suits feature Furnace Graphene Liners.

What is Graphene?
Graphene is a relatively new material that was first discovered back in the ’60s but wasn’t readily used until about 15 years ago when it was rediscovered for its practicality in tech applications. Billabong has always been looking forward when designing their liners, most notably with carbon the past couple years, and they’re the first wetsuit company to manufacture a suit with Graphene in it.

Why Graphene?
Turns out Graphene is an excellent conductor of heat, so this new purple and black linear is noticeably warmer than most liners and also feels really light. The Furnace Comp uses this material throughout the core of the body and the hood.

What’s the difference between Furnace Graphene Plus and Furnace Graphene liners?
The Furnace Graphene Plus is the same liner with 3X the Graphene and Carbon in the formula for even more warmth. The Furnace Graphene Plus is used only on the Furnace Ultra and this suit (The Furnace Comp).

Billabong Furnace Carbon Comp

New for the Furnace Comp is Billabong’s Airlite Jersey, which is the outer layer covering the neoprene throughout this suit. This material feels really light and soft to the touch, much more so than your average piece of neoprene. It also has a unique matte appearance to it. This jersey material sandwiches Billabong’s Smart Foam neoprene. This rubber is light and impressively flexible, especially compared the similar wetsuits in the same price range. Billlabong Furnace Carbon Comp's Seams and Stitching
Seams and Stitching
The Furnace Carbon has seam welds over the stitching partially through the arms and back/core of the wetsuit. Seam welds add durability and warmth but also weight. Billabong made a smart choice and focused their seam welds in the areas that really need the most warmth while keeping it off the rest of the suit to ensure it’s as light as possible.

Another design feature is the minimalistic paneling of this suit. We’ve seen larger panels the past couple years on some of Billabong’s models and it works well for a few reasons. Less paneling means less stitching. This means the suit has more flex throughout. It also helps with durability. Seams are where most wetsuits fail and the fewer seams you have the fewer areas there are for something to go wrong.

Billabong Furnace Carbon Comp's Cuffs

Environmentally Conscious
Billabong has been working hard the past couple years to make their suits and production methods more sustainable. The Furnace Comp uses limestone-based neoprene which is better for the environment than the petrochemical-based neoprene that is usually used. This neoprene is also partially made from up-cycled car tires. The Furnace Comp’s seams and stitching are sealed using water-based non-toxic glue as well as dope dyed yarns, which seriously cuts down on water waste during production. 

For a suit, that is so environmentally friendly, it still flexes and feels great. Especially, when you consider the cost of other similarly environmentally friendly suits, the Furnace Comp is a much more performance wetsuit than any of the eco-friendly suits out. 

Improved Hood Fit
Billabong for this year has redesigned the cut of their hood. The hood fit on Billabong’s suits was kind of polarizing for a while since some surfers liked it’s snug narrow cut while others felt it was tight. The hood on this suit and all Billabong suits for 2019/2020 is a little bit bigger and more comfortable than before.


  • Redesigned thermal lining for more warmth and durability
  • Environmentally friendly and flexible neoprene
  • Comfortable, light fit
  • Minimalistic Paneling
  • Great Value at $359.95

That’s About It…

We can’t say enough good things about Billabong’s suits the past few years and this is the best all-around value they’ve released in a 5mm option. 

Buy the Billabong Furnace Comp Hooded Wetsuit Now

If you have any questions about this suit or any of our suits, shoot an email to, leave a comment or give a call at 1-888-546-6176.


Billabong Furnace Carbon Comp 5/4mm Hooded Wetsuit

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