The Best Selling Surfboard Fins of 2019

“Fins are the engine of a board” as they say, and can make a big difference in how a board rides. Today, fin companies are offering a diverse variety of templates, sizes, and styles of fins. Surfer’s everywhere are becoming savvier as to how important fins can be and experimenting with different setups. This experimentation is noticeable more than ever, as a Quad is actually our best selling fin of the year. We’ve looked back at 2019’s numbers to create this list of the best selling fins

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Cleanline Introduces Push Fins

Hailing from our neighbors to the east, Push Fins was born from the intersection of skate and surf culture. Originally, getting its start by re-purposing used skate decks into fins, Push fins found that by integrating materials from the skate industry they could create a more dynamic and eco-friendly fin. Best part is that they’re all handmade here in the USA.
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Futures Fins: Spotlight

Futures FinsFutures has been around since 1996 and has grown to become one of the most popular fin systems in the world.  Innovating on all fronts with things like colored fin boxes, the elevon quad fins, and their new fin tree coming to a Cleanline Surf near you, as soon as we get it(Stay tuned for news on that).  Check out the tour of the Futures Fins headquarters by the owner of the company himself in the video below.  Looks like a rad place to work.  Makes sense that the product coming out of there facility in Huntington Beach, CA is constantly innovating and pushing the envelope of what’s possible with fin technology.