Organic Penny Skateboards are back in stock!

Organic Penny Skateboards

We just got a big shipment in of the new Organic Penny Skateboards!  Check them out over at our website where they are for sale at a great price.  We are still waiting on the Grey/White/Green, but we currently have a healthy stock of the following Organic Penny Boards!  These are the super fun rip-able little boards for cruising the streets or bombing hills.  Best of all they are environmentally friendly due to the biodegradable decks.  Bury the deck in the ground when your done with it, and it will turn to dirt over time.


New Organic Penny Skateboards


Organic Penny Skateboards - Penny Organic Board

Head on over to our website to shop online for Organic Penny Skateboards.

From Penny Skateboards:

Our Penny Organic decks are built to completely break down naturally when immersed in soil. Simply bury your deck in your backyard and over time the deck will completely break down back to dirt.


And here’s a video for your entertainment.

Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards just arrived in the shop.  These aren’t your cheap plastic skateboards from days past.  These are the real deal.  Super fast, super short, bright colors, and so hot right now!  Made from a special plastic formula that’s built to last, Penny Skateboards are the answer to your summer transportation needs.  The trucks turn great and the wheels roll for days.  Feel like its a bit too small for your taste?  Try the Nickel, it’s 27″ long.  That’s 5″ longer than the Penny.  Ranging from $89.95 to $99.95 it is a easy choice for a summer cruiser!