O’Neill Hyperfreak Comp Wetsuit Review

O'Neill Hyperfreak Comp Wetsuit Review

The Hyperfreak Comp is O’Neill’s most flexible model and one of our favorite zipless wetsuits. Originally designed with the competitive surfer in mind, the Hyperfreak Comp takes O’Neill’s best materials and removes any extra features that add weight or restrict flexibility. What’s left is one of the lightest and stretchiest wetsuits out there. So, if you’re someone who values flexibility over all else, read on for our full review of the Hyperfreak Comp.

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O’Neill Hooded Hyperfreak Wetsuit Review

Brand new for this fall, O’Neill has released a hooded version of one of their best suits, the Hyperfreak. This is a wetsuit we’ve been looking forward to (and asking for) for a long time, and now that it’s been released, we can say it’s definitely surpassed our already high expectations. The Hyperfreak Hooded is the best new suit for 2019. 
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The 6 Best Spring Suits for 2019 Reviewed

The 6 Best Spring Suits For 2019 Reviewed

There comes a point when wearing only board shorts won’t keep you warm enough in the water, but you don’t quite need all the rubber of a full wetsuit. This is where the middle child of the wetsuit family comes in, the spring suit. For those fortunate enough to be surfing waters around the low 70’s, we rounded up all of our spring suits and came up with a list of what we think are the six best spring wetsuits.
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