Shark Tracking and the Future of Surfing


Mary Lee’s trip up and down the east coast, then out to Bermuda.

Over the last few months there has been a lot of talk about the recent tagging of sharks on the east coast.  For the first time in history you can now follow sharks as they swim the vast oceans from the comfort of your home computer, laptop, or mobile device.  What effect does this have on surfing?  Surfer Mag has an article with talk of surf spots with half the crowds on days where rumors of the 3500 lb Great White Mary Lee were circulating.


Mary Lee – The 3500 lb Great White recently tagged off the east coast

It’s funny that some people will take this as a way to feel safer when surfing.  Now people know where the sharks are(at least some sharks), and when they’re nearby surfers will stay out of the water(or become ill, injured, or maybe the surf won’t be “good” that day).  Others will be glad that on days when the sharks are swimming around their surf spots the lineup may be significantly less crowded.  Either way it will be interesting to watch this unfold.  Hopefully someday shark tagging will come to the west coast, I bet we have the biggest sharks.

MARY LEE – Biggest Tagged Great White

How Sharks Are Tracked