How to Size a Surfboard Bag

How To Size A Surfboard BagA bag or cover is the best way to keep your surfboard safe and extend its longevity. Now more than ever, surfboards come in all shapes and sizes and we’re constantly asked whether or not a certain board will fit in a certain bag. After some in-shop testing to see the differences between brands and styles of bags we’ve come up with this guide.

What’s A Good Fit?
An ideal fit is a bag that easily stores and properly protects your board. You don’t want a bag that’s too small or tight because it will make it harder to get your board in and out, as well as leaving it more susceptible to dings. While a bag that is too big will feel really loose while transporting which isn’t ideal either.

Do I Need to Know Any Measurements?
To figure out what bag will work for you it’s first best to look at your board and check the dimensions, most importantly length, width, and thickness. Starting with length, this will determine the size of your bag. Bags are listed by their length which makes it really straight forward. If you have a 6’4” board, you should look for at least a 6’4” bag. 

Width and thickness affect more the style of bag you’ll need to get. Bags come in shortboard, fish/hybrid/funboard, and longboard styles. If it isn’t immediately apparent which style of bag you’re board will fit in, you can use the width and thickness dimensions to help decide.

Brand Sizing

All the various bag manufacturer’s cut their bags a little different, meaning some run shorter or longer than others and some are wider while others are narrow. To save you the trouble, we ran sizing tests through all the brands we carry and after reviewing the numbers we came up with these results. In general, here’s how the different bag companies that we carry fit:

How To Size Channel Islands Surfboard Bags

Channel Islands

  • Across the board, CI’s bags tend to run about 2” short. Which means if you have a 5’10” you should get at least the 6’0” bag.
  • The overall cut on their shortboard bags is narrow, so if you’re bringing a board with a wide nose or 20.5” or more in width, I’d recommend checking out a fish/hybrid bag from CI which they call their “Specialty” bag.
    How To Size Dakine Surfboard Bags


  • Fits pretty true to size, with about 1” extra in length. So if you need to fit a 6’1” in a 6’0” bag in an emergency you can. That being said, it’s still recommended to go with a 6’2” bag for your 6’1”.
  • The overall cut is normal. Meaning almost all shortboards and hybrid style boards will fit the shortboard bag well. Fishes or really-wide groveler type boards will do better in the Hybrid style bag.
    How To Size FCS Surfboard Bags


  • Fits very similar to Dakine and overall is pretty true to size. The bags are cut 1” long in length to accommodate a longer board if need be, however, you should still try to size the bag longer than your board. 
  • FCS’s bags notably vary in cut a little bit from model to model and the 3DX series of bags are more narrow than others. 
  • The nose section of FCS’s bags are also more tapered than some of the other companies, so if your board has a full wide-nose or ever gets wider than 20.5”, I’d go for the fish/hybrid option.
    How To Size Pro-Lite Surfboard Bags


  • Fits longer than any other company and actually cuts their bags 3” long. So you can size their bags a little differently. I’d still recommend a 6’0” bag for a 6’0” board but a 6’1” or even 6’2″ board will fit a 6’0 bag well.
  • Pro Lite’s overall cut is also more generous than the other board companies. I’d say as long as your board isn’t a fish or wider than 21” you can fit it in their shortboard bag.
  • The fish/hybrid style bags by Pro-Lite are cut super forgiving and will easily store even some of the widest, thickest and most strange outlines.

How To Size A Surfboard SockWhat About Sizing Socks?

Socks are generally more accommodating than days bags especially with boards that are extra wide and or thick. That being said, it’s always worth it to go a little on the larger side with a sock. A sock that’s too big isn’t really annoying or cumbersome but too short definitely is. 

In terms of cut, all of the socks we carry seem to run true to size. Pro-Lite for example usually runs 3” long in their day and travel bags but their socks are cut right on the money. Meaning a 6’2” board should go in the 6’3” sock, and wouldn’t fit a 6’0” sock well.

How To Size a Travel BagHow Do I Size Travel Bags?

The sizing listed for the companies above also applies to their Travel Bags, but I’d recommend going even a little longer (About 2″+) then you’ll actually need. The more space the better, and with the extra room you can better pack the travel bag out with clothes or padding for your boards.

That’s About All There Is To It

There a bag out there for just about any board and we stock just about everything our brands make. If you ever have any questions about whether or not your board will fit a particular bag, or just about bags, in general, leave a comment, give us a call at 1-888-546-6176 or shoot an email to


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