Gifts for Surfers: 30 Awesome and Affordable Gift Ideas

Surfer Gift Guide

There are a lot of toys out there that Surfers are interested in, and a lot of them are out of the price range for your average gift. Surfboards can run over $1000 and wetsuits can run as much as $600. To make it easier to come up with gift ideas we have procured this short list of Awesome and Affordable Gifts for Surfers.

Christmas Shoppers Look No Further. Everything listed in the below guide is available for sale at our online surf shop as well as our two retail locations.

#1 Changing Mat/Bag ($29.95)

Taking care of your wetsuit is important, and when getting in and out of your suit, it’s easy to accelerate the inevitable process of wear and tear. Using a changing mat you can protect the soft neoprene of a wetsuit from pavement, gravel, and other rough surfaces. As a bonus, once you’re out of your wetsuit you can cinch it up and it becomes a water resistant bag.

Buy the FCS Changing Mat


#2 Traction Pad ($37.95 – $44.95)

Traction Pads are used on the tail of a surfboard(typically a shortboard) to increase grip and allow for more extreme maneuvers. They aren’t easily interchangeable so I would make sure the person you’re getting this for has a new board without a traction pad or is getting a new board soon. Not every surfer uses traction pads, but if they do and they buy a lot of surfboards, they will definitely find it to be a great gift.

Buy Traction Pads


#3 Leash ($23.95 – $44.95)

LeashEvery surfer needs a leash, or two. At least one for each board is the minimum. What a lot of surfers don’t have is a backup leash. If the surf is good, and the surf shop is closed, your leash can break, and you’ll find yourself scrambling to search for an old leash or a buddy to borrow one from. Get them a new leash as a backup and they’ll be stoked. From Channel Islands, FCS, and Hotline we have an assortment of surf leashes for every surfer.

Buy Surf Leashes


#4 Booties ($24.95 – $94.95)

The water isn’t always cold enough to need booties, but if it is, they are a priceless piece of surf gear. Your feet are in the water more than any other part of your body, and therefore they get the coldest. Even if you don’t mind the icy chill and slow oncoming numbness, by the time you can’t feel your feet, the sessions over. It’s like surfing on stilts. Check out or Top 5 Surf Booties for a quick overview of our best-selling surf boots.

Buy Surf Booties


#5 Gloves ($23.95 – $84.95)

GlovesA bit less common than booties are gloves. Some surfers like them and some don’t. What I have found is even the ones who don’t, and won’t buy gloves still complain about their hands being cold. On those really cold days, maybe less than 25 days a year, if the surf is good, you want to be comfortable. These little guys will keep your hands warm, making your surf session that much better. Get surf gloves from Patagonia, Rip Curl, O’Neill, Quiksilver, and more.

Buy Gloves


#6 Surf Pack ($24.95 – $168.95)

BackpacksSurfers have a lot of gear (much of it listed on this page), and they need somewhere to put it. Especially if they use a wetsuit. For those that like to surf the more remote locations sometimes you have to hike in, and carrying a wet wetsuit to and from the beach is not fun for anyone. By the time you get up the hill you’re soaking wet, cold, and tired. We have an assortment of bags from FCS, Dakine,  Channel Islands, Oakley, Patagonia, NRS, and more over at our online shop. Be sure to check out our review of the 7 Best Surf Packs for further recommendation.

Buy Surf Packs


#7 Wax and Wax Accessories ($1.95 – $12.95)

WaxEvery surfer needs wax, and there are a few other accessories that some use and some don’t like the Pickle Wax Remover or just a plain old, but colorful Wax Comb for getting the most out of your surf wax. These are all awesome stocking stuffers that are guaranteed to be used. Just make sure you get the right wax for their water temperature and they’ll be stoked!

Buy Surf Wax


#8 Tide Clock ($49.95)

This is a perfect gift that I think most surfers wouldn’t know that they want until they get it. Knowing how high or low the tide is an essential part of surfing and this large, tide clock makes it easy. Affordable and simple to set up, this AA powered clock is all good to go once it’s matched to your local time and tide charts.

Buy Tide Clock


#9 Wetsuit Glue ($12.95)

Wetsuit CementNot everyone may know how to use this stuff, but it is great for patching up an old leaky wetsuit. If you want to get the most out of a suit, this can delay buying a new suit by months and it’s a fraction of the cost. Even if you could send your suit in for warranty, sometimes it’s not worth the wait. If you have wetsuit glue on hand you’ll be back in the water the next day and won’t have to pay to send the suit in for repair.

Buy Wetsuit Cement


#10 Board Buddy ($39.95)

Carrying a 10-foot long board can be tiresome. That’s where Board Buddy comes in. If you have a surfer who complains about their board being too heavy, or too hard to reach their arm around, this is the gift for them. Just be careful. Get this for a veteran surfer and they might take offense as many people don’t mind carrying a large board and it may bruise their ego. On the other hand, it could be a great gag gift!

Buy Board Buddy


#11 Tie Down Straps ($19.95 – $104.95)

Tie DownsThese are essential if you have a car, van, or SUV. Easy to use padded cinch straps that will hold your precious surfboards down tight. These straps work great for securing many other things as well, so when you aren’t using them for your surfboards you can use them to move your friend’s couch. Super durable, all weather, long lasting, and affordable. Every surfer with a vehicle needs a set of these.

Buy Tie Downs


#12 Rack Pads ($22.95 – $37.95)

Protect your roof, and protect your boards with these rugged all weather pads. Great for surfboards, but will work for just about anything you want to throw on your roof. These come in a set of two, so you have one for the front rack and one for the back. If you put a lot of boards on your car you may want to get two sets.

Buy Rack Pads


 #13 Hood ($21.95 – $58.95)

HoodsA must have for cold water surfing, a hood is every surfer’s best defense against an ice cream headache.  The head is more sensitive to temperature than any other part of your body, making a hood worth its weight in gold on cold winter mornings. From a basic skull cap to a frigid water-ready 3mm full hood, we’ve got it.

Buy Hood


#14 Surfboard Repair ($4.95 – $51.95)

Surfboard RepairFor the do it yourself types out there this is a great gift. When you get a ding in your board and it’s taking on water, you don’t want to wait a week for the local guy to repair it. Fix it up yourself and you’ll be back in the water the next day. More time surfing makes for a happier surfer.

Note: These repair kits come in Epoxy or Polyester so double check the board’s construction before using.

Buy Surfboard Repair


#15 Sunscreen ($4.95 – $24.95)

SunscreenThis one is a no-brainer, or at least you would think. Most surfers are so stoked on getting out in the water they forget sunscreen. Maybe they’re going on a trip and they will need it? Maybe you live in a place where you are lucky enough it is needed? I know I don’t.

Sun Bum sunscreen comes in many shapes and sizes. Check out their Lip Balm! It smells amazing.

Buy Sunscreen


#16 Surfboard Bags ($41.95 – 151.95)

BoardbagsIf you know someone with a surfboard, they could probably use one of these. Surfboards are not exactly bulletproof, and surfers aren’t known for taking the best care of their gear. Get a padded board bag and your surfboard will be easier to transport, won’t turn yellow from sun damage, and will be extra safe when throwing the board in the back of your car or stacking on a roof rack.

Buy Surfboard Bags


#17 Cleanline Apparel ($14.95 – $54.95)

Cleanline ApparelEveryone needs something to wear, and what is better than to support a local surf shop. Sure the big brands are great too, but everyone has that gear already. Cleanline Surf has a rad selection of quality apparel built to last and designed by local northwest artists. From trucker hats to zip hoodies, we’ve got you covered.

Buy Cleanline Apparel


#18 Fins ($11.95 – $169.95)

FinsBe it FCS, Futures, Kinetik Racing, 3D, or Captain, you really can’t have too many sets of surfboard fins. For a surfer, it’s nice to have a few sets to experiment with, and some will work better in certain conditions. Depending on your stocking size, these can often fit in a stocking.

Buy Fins


#19 Wetsuit Shampoo ($7.95)

Wetsuit ShampooFor those surfers that use a wetsuit this is a handy way to not only extend the suits life, but also keep it smelling nice. Simply mix with water in a large bucket or container, dunk your wetsuit in, and give it a rinse. You’ll find your suit feels softer and smells nicer which is better for everyone. This is also great for treating wetsuits if you use them in chlorine as it will cleanse the neoprene keeping it from deteriorating.

Buy Wetsuit Shampoo


#20 Board Shorts ($38.95 – 69.95)

BoardshortsYou can never have too many pairs of board shorts and we have a wide variety of styles from all of the top brands. Perfect for surfing, the pool or just hanging out, board shorts are an essential surf item. As long as you know the waist size of the surfer you’re shopping for, you can’t go wrong with a new pair of board shorts.

Buy Boardshorts


#21 Softech Flash and Fish Soft Top Surfboards ($199.95-299.95)

Softech Softop SurfboardsAlright, so this one isn’t going to fit in a stocking but these Flash Soft tops are super fun boards to mess around on and work for almost any level (and age) of surfing. 

Younger kids have no problem progressing and learning on these super buoyant and near-indestructible softies. Older and more advanced surfers will find these are perfect for shore breaks, novelty spots or just a different type of ride.

Buy Softop Surfboards


#22 Sandals ($16.95-$119.95)


 The go-to footwear for the beach and a great gift that will see a lot of use. We have a run of styles and sizes in for men, women, and kids from Reef, Olukai, Billabong, Roxy and Sanuk. Sandals are also the perfect size for a stocking stuffer!

Buy Sandals


#23 Slowtide Towels ($29.95-$59.95)

Slowtide TowelEvery surfer or beach goer needs a towel and you’d be hard pressed to find one better suited than Slowtide’s series of towels. Coming in a bunch of cool and ultra comfortable styles, these are perfect for any day at the beach. We really like how large most of these towels are, making them perfect for changing in/out of a wetsuit or packing a travel bag.  At a distance, they look like a blanket, with interesting designs and sometimes fringed ends but Slowtide towels are the real deal and designed with surfers in mind.

Buy Slowtide Towels


 #24 Sex Wax Air Freshener ($3.95)

Coconut Air Freshener

A shop favorite, these air fresheners instantly transform your car, room, wherever into a tropical atmosphere. Over the years, Sex Wax has made a few different flavors but take our word for it when we say that Coconut is the best one by far.

Buy Sex Wax Air Freshener


#25 Surf Ears Ear Plugs ($59.95)

Surf Ears Ear PlugsAs surfers, our ears take more abuse than we give them credit for. Whether we’re in cold waters or subjecting them to dirty water (especially prevalent at river mouths), our ears could definitely use some added protection. For years surfers have worn ear plugs to prevent surfer’s ear and keep out bacteria but they’re not ideal since they don’t allow you to hear well. Surf Ears are a vast improvement and give you full protection without sacrificing hearing. 

Buy Leashes


#26 Fin Wallet ($44.95)

A fin wallet is a perfect way to keep track of your fin sets. Fin wallets come with slots to hold various sets of fins and also can hold the items that everybody is always losing like fin keys, leash ties, and fin screws. A good tool to stay organized and prepared at home or on a surf trip.

Buy Fin Wallet


#27 Surf Gift Card Certificate (Name Your Price)

Gift CertificateIn the end, if you can’t decide, or you want to help someone get something a little pricier like a new surfboard or wetsuit you can get them a Cleanline Surf Gift Card. With this, they can browse our selection of over 4,000 surf products online and they’ll be sure to get exactly what they want.

Buy Gift Certificates


#28 Fin Tools ($9.95-17.95)

FCS has an excellent tool for removing fins if you or someone you know has a set of fins that are stuck in the fin box or the screw has stripped out. The FCS Ratchet tool is basically the swiss army knife equivalent of a fin key. It’s a standard ratchet tool that makes swapping fins super quick and easy. The tool comes with a handful of bits including the standard FCS fin key, a flathead, some Phillips heads and an EZ out for the most stripped out screws.

Buy FCS Ratchet Tool


#29 Hang Pro Slide Wetsuit Hanger ($15.95)

HangPro Slide Wetsuit Hanger

Wetsuits can be pretty heavy when wet, and hanging them on a traditional clothes hanger will slowly stretch out the shoulders of the suit. With the Hang Pro Slide Hanger, you can save the suit’s shoulders and simply fold the suit over the long horizontal bar. This will help to get more life out of the suit. We’ve been using them for our rental suits for years and they definitely make a big difference!

Buy Hang Pro Slide Hanger


#30 Tenacious Tape Iron-On Patch ($12.50)

Iron Mend

 Tenacious Tape is an ideal wetsuit repair tool for those fixes that require a little more than wetsuit cement. This item is basically a warm, flexible and durable piece of neoprene that can be ironed onto any wetsuit, booties, gloves, hood or even fishing waders. It works really well for areas that have been stretched thin or larger rips and tears that need a lot of coverage. A good addition to the tool chest of any surfer.

Buy Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Iron-On Neoprene Patch


Looking for something else?

At Cleanline Surf we have something for every surfer. Check out our full selection of gear at our online shop below.

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