2014 Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic Recap

I went down to Pacific City for a couple of days to hang out and compete in the 16th Annual Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic this past September.  The comp has been going on for a while and is a rare longboard gem for the Northwest now that the Lincoln City event has been decommissioned.  There’s something pretty cool about a bunch of big boards (9’0″ and up) all getting together for some surf.  The competition is also a benefit to help build a skate park for the Coastal Oregon town of Pacific City.  Hosted by Moment Surf Shop, and Pelican Brewery, these guys know how to throw a party.



I got in early on Thursday to get some surf and record some songs at Kiwanda Sound Recordings which is conveniently located near the break.  (Big thanks to Colin at Kiwanda Sound!).   Glassy, off shore, 4-6ft sets graced my early sessions on Thursday and Friday.  It was by far the best surf I’ve seen in Pacific City with peaks up and down the beach and the sun shining.  It was one of those rare moments in Oregon where a 3/2mm wetsuit would have been the call.


By the time Saturday came around, the mighty Pacific jacked up to 5-8ft with some decent northwest winds pushing.  This is not exactly the nose-riding conditions that I had in mind, but not out of the ordinary for Fall in the Pacific Northwest.  They couldn’t have planned a better weekend for the contest.  The swell was big, the sun was shining, and the vibes were good.  My call on Saturday morning didn’t fair me so well, but there were chargers all over the beach.

After I got done surfing, I met a photographer named Aaron, shooting with a 600mm who hooked me up with these shots.  He ended up capturing some of the essence of Northwest surf in the form of friendly competition.  Huge thanks to Aaron for these shots (not the shoddy phone shots that I did scattered below).

The following is a photo blog, documenting some of the action.

Photo by Aaron Reyna Photo.

Cleanline Rider and employee Joey Carnera made it past the first round with this nice left bomb.


North coast surfer Pete Cochran taking it to the North Wall.  Pete ended the weekend in first place in the 60 and over category.  Pete shapes and surfs his own boards.  Go Pete-

Pete Cochran.  Cleanline Surf Shop.  Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic 2014


I met Westport legend, Dane Perlee, on the beach with some bitchin’ hand shaped boards on hand.  He took home 1st place in the 30-39 division.  Here he is in the motion of throwing some some toes over the nose.

Dane Perlee Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic 2014 Photo by Aaron Reyna

The Women got a late start and didn’t have much to work with.  It got pretty sloppy and the only bit of protection was up north towards the dunes.  Some cross stepping was still thrown down.

Woman Cross-stepping at the 2014 Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic.  Photo by Aaron Reyna.

Angry Ocean.  Photo by Aaron Reyna Photo.

A record amount of people showed up to the 2014 Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic!


Shore break shaping up.


A cold Fort George beer and music by Apollo 4 closed out the session on Saturday night.  All was well on Saturday night-

Fort George Fresh IPA at the Cape Kiwanda Classic

Sunday was pretty sloppy right off the bat.  Wind was heavy, swell was still big, and inside sets were choice, with some riders taking them all the way into shore break.  Shane Sjogren (shown below, vertical, just getting out of the shore break) from the North Coast ended up winning the 40-49 division, with Cleanline supporter, Jason Oei taking third.


In the end, the event was a blast.  That will not be the last time I head out to Pacific City to put on a jersey for a good cause.  Listed below are the results.

Kid with Parent: 1. Kai Huggin 2. Marley Snavely 3. Taylor Tice 4. Sophia Lambert 4. Kai Wright 4. Campbell Behrends 4. Avery Snavely 4. Lachlan Meyer 4. Erik Rasussen 4. Kalani Kamake 4. Elijah Pyle

12 and Under: 1. Justin Buford  2. Trevor Tice  3. Trig Sharp  4. Solace Bergeron

13 to 17: 1. Theo Hollan 2. Christian Audova 3. Austin Weeks 4. Jonee Wright 5. Nicholas Wilson 6. Jed Sharp 7. Nate Wright

18 to 29: 1. Justin Snodgrass  2. Deklyn Wood  3. Logan Weeks  4. Max Cameron  5. Taylor Looney  6. Jed Werner

30 to 39: 1. Dane Perlee  2. Larz Richardson  3. Adam Marteeny  4. Brian Cramer  5. Ollie Richardson  6. Matt Spencer

40 to 49: 1. Shane Sjogren  2. Jeremy Rasmusen  3. Jason Oei  4. Brian Anderson  5. Dayl Wood  6. Jon Behrends

50 to 59: 1. Buzzy Moralis  2. Andy Long  3. Gary Gregg  4. Ray Benner  5. Mark Provost  6. Ben Cockcroft

60 to Dead: 1. Pete Cochran  2. Spike Richardson  3. John Tipple  4. Jeff Hollan  5. Bill Delanty  6. Peter Miller

Women: 1. Meira Cole  2. Lauren Ahlgren  3. Charlene Mercer  4. Hollis Baley  5. Olivia Schroeder  6. April Mirvis  7. Kim Rueter

SUP: 1. Larz Richardson  2. Matt Spencer  3. Mark Provost  4. Jay Sennewald  5. Andy Long  6. Sky Schroeder

Nixon Hardest Charger Women: Charlene Mercer

Nixon Longest Nose Ride Men: Deklyn Wood

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