This Time Tomorrow – Surf Film Review

This Time Tomorrow Surf Film

Part surf adventure, part travel log.  On the one hand you see some rather epic moments, however, the movie falls back into the grind of travel a bit too often.  Too many shots of Rasta yawning and Craig Anderson sleeping, like a surfing reality show more than a fantasy, or film with a real message.  This time tomorrow has it’s moments, but lacks any in the water photography and settles for angles from the beach, parking lot, or boat.  Perhaps they could have focused more on the local people and told their stories.  Maybe some comedy?  Remember when surf movies had it all?!  Personally I felt it was missing something.  Oh well, tomorrow’s another day!


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Born in Portland, Oregon. Tom started surfing in Southern California in 1976. He first began working in surf shops in Hawaii, back in the 90's and has been here at Cleanline longer than anyone can remember. Tom likes to ride vintage surfboards, especially any long, heavy single fins from the sixties, but still enjoys shortboards.