Vissla Seven Seas Hooded 5/4/3mm Wetsuit Review

Vissla Seven Seas Hooded 5/4/3mm Wetsuit ReviewThe Vissla Seven Seas is a new suit to us here at the shop and in a short period of time, we’ve heard a lot of good feedback from both customers and employees. So much so that we’ve done a full, close-up review. If you’ve never owned a Vissla suit before or are just looking for a good deal, the Seven Seas is worth it.

For this review, we looked at the hooded 5/4/3mm Version of this suit but it is available as a Hooded 6/5mm and 4/3mm as well a 4/3mm and 3/2mm Chest Zip


As a quick history lesson, Vissla was founded a few years back by some ex-Billabong veterans. While Vissla doesn’t have a team of guys and gals on tour or the crazy marketing budget that goes along with all of that, I don’t think that stuff matters at the end of the day. It seems like Vissla has taken their combined decades worth of wetsuit industry experience to cut straight to it to make their suits functional and affordable for the everyday surfer.

Vissla Seven Seas Hooded Wetsuit



The first impression of the Seven Seas is that it’s more stretchy than you’d guess for a suit in this price range. You can usually expect a wide variety of flexibility among suits in the $200-300 range, but the Seven Seas for sure skews on the side of more flexible. Vissla uses their limestone-based neoprene which we found to be warm and comfortable. Vissla claims this material is also softer than your average piece of rubber. It’s hard to say whether it’s the power of suggestion, but it does feel that way.

Internal Liner – “Warmth & Comfort”

The Seven Seas, in general, is a comfortable suit and there’s more to that comfort than just the neoprene. Most noticeably, the inside of the suit has a great liner from the ankles up to the chest. The chest area and the back panel of the suit use what Vissla calls their “Thermal Brain Fuzz lining” which is a little more plush than the lining that runs through the legs. This material works to keep you toasty and feels pretty cozy. A small patch of the lining in the hood also helps with warmth as your head is the most sensitive part of your body to changes in temperature. The shoulders are the one area that doesn’t have an internal liner, but I’d guess that was a deliberate choice to keep that area as pliable and light as possible. The Seven Seas is flexible throughout but notably more stretchy in the shoulders than just about any suit under $300.

Vissla Seven Seas Internal Linear

Seams – “Durability, Flexibility, and Watertight Seals”

One of the best parts of this model is the internal taping. Vissla has internally taped all the seams with the Seven Seas and even added a few extra reinforcement patches over key stress areas and the cuffs. This isn’t typically seen in this price range and it really puts this suit at a higher level than its competition. The internal tape not only adds warmth to the suit by better sealing the seams, but it also adds durability as it reduces stress on the stitching.  The patches near the cuffs, make for a more watertight fit and reduce flushing if you’re getting worked.

Vissla Seven Seas Seams


The overall fit of the suit is true to size and pretty standard compared to other wetsuit brands. It’s not a super wide or a super narrow cut and falls somewhere in the middle. So for the average guy, it’s an easy fit.  While this suit doesn’t have a smooth skin panel in the chest, it allows Vissla to use larger panels of neoprene. That’s fine by me since less paneling = less stitching issues and more flexibility.

Vissla Seven Seas Interior Shot



  • Warm and flexible limestone-based neoprene
  • Excellent Internal Linear through ¾ of the suit’s body and the hood.
  • Internal Taping throughout the entire suit.
  • Heavy Duty Zipper
  • Easy True-to-Size Fit


The Seven Seas is one of the best values in wetsuits right now. I really like how streamlined the design is. All the features Vissla has chosen are relevant and work together to make this an awesome suit for any surfer. The only issue I could see people having with the Seven Seas is the Sea Green logos, but you can always hit it with a sharpie or spray paint if it bothers you.  Why spend more?


If you’re in warmer waters or are just looking for something else we carry the Seven Seas as well as the Vissla North Seas and High Seas models in a variety of other thicknesses.


Vissla Seven Seas Back Panel

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