October 2012

Hot Products

• H-Bomb Heated Vest
• Patagonia Booties
• Patagonia Gloves
• Organic Penny Boards
• Dawn Patrol 5mm Wetsuit
• Rubber Soul Booties
• Psycho 3 Wetsuits
• Used Surfboards

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Hello October!  Hope everyone is having a great Fall, getting good waves, and spending lots of time out in the water and out in the sun!  Lots of exciting new products, and happenings going on at Cleanline Surf this month, from new 2012 Wetsuits, to Lib Tech Snowboards!

Patagonia Wetsuits On Sale
Patagonia Wetsuits On Sale

For a limited time we are running a sale on all Patagonia R1 Wetsuits, and Patagonia R2 Wetsuits!  All R1 and R2 Wetsuits are marked at 10% OFF!  If you are looking for the thicker Patagonia Wetsuits, don’t worry, we are offering 10% OFF on all R3 Wetsuits, and R4 Wetsuits in the form of an in store credit.

Buy Used Surfboards Online
Used Surfboards

More used boards are being added daily to our selection of Used Surfboards.  We have some good longer boards that have been recenlty added, along with the shortboards shown above.  Get notified when boards are added by subscribing to our Used Surfboards RSS Feed.

Organic Penny Skateboards

Organic Penny Skateboards

Penny Organic’s are all the rage right now, and they are going fast!  All Organic Penny’s include a hession burlap sack for carrying your board when you aren’t riding it.  The new Organic Penny Skateboards, now with biodegradable decks.  Simply burry the deck in your backyard when you’re done with it, and it will turn to dirt over time!  Besides being better for the environment, these new Organic Penny’s come in new colors!

O'Neill Heat 5mm Boots and 7mm Booties

Cleanline’s Best Selling Boot at Lowest Price Ever!

Get 25% Off O’Neill Heat 5mm Round Toe Boots, and O’Neill Heat 7mm Round Toe Bootswhen you use the coupon code below during your checkout online!

Coupon Code: heat25

The O’Neill Heat Booties are our best selling wetsuit boots hands down.  We trust these booties so much, we use them as our rental fleet.  These are comfortable, durable, and most importantly they will keep your feet warm!  Try them out, you won’t be dissapointed!