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Clean Water Classic

Don’t forget the Northwest’s longest running pro-am surf contest this weekend May 17-19.
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Seaside Oregon Prom, Tillamook Head

Summer Is Just Around the Corner In Oregon

We hope everyone has been enjoying their spring and looking forward to the long summer days we have ahead of us. For those of you in the southern hemisphere, we hope the swell is pumping for this fall and winter. There are lots of things happening atCleanline Surf lately. New surfing wetsuitssurfboard finssurfboardssunglasses, and more are arriving daily. We’re starting to get in some new summer boards like the Baked Potato from Firewire, and the New Flyer from Channel Islands.Lastly we have an insane wetsuit sale going on for a very short period of time. This sale is on almost every wetsuit we stock, and is meant to make room for the Fall 2013 wetsuits coming later this summer. Send our site out to your friends! This isn’t a sale to miss!Scroll down for some highlights from the Blog, as well as other Cleanline Surf news.Happy Surfing,
The Cleanline Crew

Top Six Hooded Surfing Wetsuits 2013

The 6 Best Hooded Wetsuits for 2013

When it comes to hooded wetsuits, the staff here at Cleanline Surf are experts. Most of the year a wetsuit with a hood is a necessity here in Oregon. Here we are, a few months into 2013 and we’ve had a lot of time to think about the Fall 2012 wetsuits. We’ve heard your praise, as well as criticism for the different wetsuits we carry and taken that into mind. Also, we’ve had personal experience with many of these suits while surfing in the cold waters here in the Northwest where it takes a top notch wetsuit to stand up to the coldest elements in mid winter.

These are all high end wetsuits. I’m not covering the entry level wetsuits that come with detachable hoods. I’m not going to cover features like key pockets, and drain holes. This is strictly a brief rundown on the major features and benefits of these suits. With that said, here are the top six cold water hooded wetsuits for 2012/2013, in no particular order.
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Patagonia Wetsuits On Sale

All Patagonia Fullsuits 25% OFF!

You heard right. We are blowing out our Patagonia Wetsuit inventory to make room for the new Fall 2013 line. Don’t let this discourage you from grabbing these awesome wetsuits at such a great price. The Patagonia Wetsuit line for Fall 2012 is still a great choice if you’re looking for a solid fullsuit that will keep you warm and comfortable, and hold up longer than anything else out there.

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Used Surfboards
Used Surfboards

We have a handful of just in Used Surboards online now. Check out these swallow tail shapes! Get notified when boards are added by subscribing to our Used Surfboards RSS Feed.

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