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Otter Rock’n Roll

Last weekend the kids got their surf on in Oregon. Check out Bryn’s post over at the blog.

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Summer Surf Sessions For All

Hope everyone is stoked for summer! The photo above was taken a few weekends ago down at Oswald West State Park(Short Sands) a favorite local summer spot. We are all excited to get this summer rolling here on the Oregon Coast. Lots of new boards perfect for summer surf coming in daily from Firewire, Bing, Channel Islands and more. Want to hear the low down on new surfboards and wetsuits? Feel free to call and ask us what we’re riding, wearing, and seeing out in the water lately. The staff here at Cleanline Surf know their product, and can help you get the gear you need.

New Surf Gear


Naked Waves – Surf Gallery

A selection of surfer-less waves from the Pacific Northwest. Taken over the last decade on a stretch of beautifully rugged coastline spanning hundreds of miles, these are the waves that fill the dreams of surfers in the Northwest.

Top 5 Surf Booties

For those in colder water climates, Surf Booties are one of the most important pieces of gear a surfer wears. To and from the beach your feet need to be protected against rocks, barnacles, and anything nature can throw at you. When you’re out in the water, your feet being the part of your body that is in the water the most, need to be protected from the cold. In the end you need something that will hold up to a beating, keep you warm in the coldest conditions, and feel comfortable when you wear it. Here is a list of our top selling best surf booties along with a brief run down on the features each boot has.

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15% OFF Fins, Traction, and Leashes

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