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• 2013 Wetsuit Sale
• Firewire Technograin
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Back Zip vs. Chest Zip

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Sale Wetsuits 20132013 Wetsuit SALE!

It’s that time of the year again to blow out our wetsuit inventory!  For a limited time we will have a large selection of our Men’s WetsuitsWomen’s Wetsuits, and Kids Wetsuits on sale at discounts up to 40% OFF!


12 Misconceptions About Wetsuits

Every year we ship thousands of wetsuits to people all over the world.  We sell hundreds of wetsuits to people through our local brick and mortar shops.  Combine those two numbers, and that still doesn’t come close to the number of wetsuits we rent out every year.  We know wetsuits, and in our 30+ years of business we’ve seen and heard it all.  Here is a list of the top 12 misconceptions in our experience when it comes to wetsuits.
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Survey: Back Zip vs Chest Zip Wetsuit

Everyone has there preference, what’s yours?  Tell us by answering our one question survey!  We’ll post the results on our blog, and in our Newsletter next month.

Firewire Technograin Surfboards

Firewire Surfboards: Technograin

Available in spring 2013, Firewire’s new Technograin surfboard construction is a fresh and more eco-freindly way to make a surfboard.  The new boards will be made from Paulownia wood, a tree species that can grown up to 20ft in its first year, and a popular source of sustainable wood.
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