Channel Islands DFR Surfboard

Channel Islands DFR Surfboard

Channel Islands DFR Surfboard

Just arriving in the shop is the new Dane Reynolds model from Channel Islands Surfboards. The “Dane Freaking Reynolds” or DFR for short is a great board for those beautiful juicy head high summer days that are just around the corner.


No, not the “Dane Fred Rubble” the DFR is a new design from Dane freaking Reynolds. An ultra-modern short board, the plan-shape allows for a short rail line while maintaining drive. The bottom is predominately single concave and features an aggressive flip in exit rail rocker. A full outline provides enough volume to ride the DFR about the same length as your height. This short board is not only ready for big airs but also allows for the heaviest carves you can lay down.

This board is also available for custom order! Here is a video of Dane going nuts on his own board to keep you busy while you wait for us to open so you can get your hands on one of these!

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2 thoughts on “Channel Islands DFR Surfboard

  1. I weigh 150lb and am 6’0″. I have been surfing for 15 years and surf mainly in Los Angeles and Ventura. What size would be best for me?

    • Hey Travis,

      There are many variables that go into selecting the right size surfboard. Typically for the average surfer, in average waves, this board is meant to be ridden at your height, however you might be able to go smaller if you are a more advanced surfer. Give us a call anytime if you want to talk with us!

      – Matt

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