Surfboard DemosBelow is a list of demo surfboards we have at either our Seaside or Cannon Beach location. These are top of the line fiberglass and epoxy boards that are also available for sale. Click the links for more details on the boards. This list was last updated on 4/7/2017, please call for availability. All demo surfboards and Kiteboards are $30 per day. Demo SUPS are $40 per day. All demo surfboards come with a board bag. If you demo a surfboard, SUP, or Kiteboard, you can put up to $30 towards the purchase of a new board of your choice. If you have any questions about demoing surfboards please don’t hesitate to call us at either our Seaside or Cannon Beach Location.

Firewire Surfboard Demos

5’10” Slater Designs Sci-Fi

6’0 Dominator

6’8 Addvance

6’10 Addvance

9’9″ Special T

Lib Tech Surfboard Demos

5’11 Puddle Jumper

5’10” Short Round

6’6 Extension Ramp

Torq Surfboard Demos

All sizes and shapes!


8’0″ Magic Fish


10’6″ Board Works Supernatural 

Kiteboard Demos 

6’2 Lib Tech Vert

Kayak Demos 

Emotion Spitfire 8′

Emotion Spitfire 9′

Emotion Renegade XT

Emotion Spitfire 12′ Tandem

Call us anytime to confirm the board you’re looking to demo is still available. This list was last updated on 2/18/2017.