The 7 Best Surf Travel Bags Reviewed

Surfboard Travel Bag Reviews

A travel bag is an essential piece of gear for surf trips and finding the right bag for your needs will keep you stoked and cut out a lot of stress. There are a ton of travel bags out there, and with so many different features, materials, and brands it can get a bit overwhelming sifting through pages of bag specs. We’ve saved you the hassle by reviewing the best of the best that we believe will be able to cover any surfer’s needs and budget. Continue reading

Tom’s Guide to the Best Twin Fins

 A lot of boards today come with a 5 fin option, allowing surfers to choose between a thruster or fin set up, but what about a twin? Perhaps no surfing set up can break the straight line better.

Best suited for a fish or swallow-tailed shortboard, the twin feels freer without the stability of a center fin. With no trailing fins to hold it back, the Twin’s two extra large fins give it just enough stability and allow you to draw completely different types of lines.
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The Top Quad Fin Sets for 2018

If you were to order a shortboard today, any shaper would ask what fin configuration you would like. However, this was not the case, as even 15 years ago thrusters were the norm. It seems now, more than ever, surfers are experimenting, enjoying, and refining the quad fin.

Known for the ability to provide extra speed and a different feel than a traditional tri-fin set up, quads are becoming ever popular on the world tour, at big wave spots, and in local lineups. To make it easy, we’ve dug through all the available quad fin sets available today and rounded up the top contenders with something for everyone.
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Lib Tech Puddle Fish Overview

Lib Tech Puddle Fish OverviewJust in time for summer, Matt Biolos of …LOST Surfboards and the mad scientists up at Mervin and have teamed up again to bring us the brand new Puddle Fish. First released last summer, the PU version of the Puddle Fish blew up almost overnight for its ability to make even the most sloppy and section-y waves fun. Now, for 2018 the Puddle Fish is available in Lib Tech’s more eco-friendly and durable construction. Based mostly on the popular Puddle Jumper, which was hands-down our best selling shortboard of 2015, the Puddle Fish is the faster and generally more fun spin-off. 
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How to Pick a Single Fin for Your Surfboard

“There’s only one rule in surfing, there are no rules.” – Mickey Dora

That having been said, there are some basic aspects that can be put together when choosing the best single box fin for your board. So here are a few tips, but first a brief history. Let’s turn back the clock a ways, when flow and style were kings. After all, if you can’t do it with style, why do it all?

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