The Best Selling Wetsuits Of 2017

Best Selling Wetsuits of 2017

This year we saw a lot of improvements, re-designs, and upgrades in wetsuits. In general, wetsuits are becoming lighter, more flexible and affordable at pretty much every level.  A lot of these models have been popular mainstays for years, but there are some relative newcomers, like the Billabong Absolute X that have proved to be really solid. Now looking back, this is how they all stack up, and these were the most popular suits at the shops in 2017.
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2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Surf Sale

Cleanline Surf Black Friday Cyber Monday Surf Sale

This year for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, we’re going big and putting almost everything on sale. These will be the biggest discounts of the year and we’re offering, even more, deals than previous years. So if you’ve been waiting to pick up that suit or surfboard, or had your eye on a travel bag, the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend is your best chance to score big.
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Cleanline Welcomes Pyzel Surfboards

We’re stoked to announce that we now carry Pyzel Surfboards. If you’ve been paying attention to mainstream surfing the past 10 years you’ve no doubt seen Jon Pyzel’s boards under the feet of some of the best surfers in the world. Most recently, Pyzel won the “Stab in the Dark” contest for the second year in a row, where Jordy Smith chose Pyzel’s board as his favorite out of 12 in a blind test.
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How to Pick a Single Fin for Your Surfboard

“There’s only one rule in surfing, there are no rules.” – Mickey Dora

That having been said, there are some basic aspects that can be put together when choosing the best single box fin for your board. So here are a few tips, but first a brief history. Let’s turn back the clock a ways, when flow and style were kings. After all, if you can’t do it with style, why do it all?

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