The Best Selling Surfboard Fins of 2019

“Fins are the engine of a board” as they say, and can make a big difference in how a board rides. Today, fin companies are offering a diverse variety of templates, sizes, and styles of fins. Surfer’s everywhere are becoming savvier as to how important fins can be and experimenting with different setups. This experimentation is noticeable more than ever, as a Quad is actually our best selling fin of the year. We’ve looked back at 2019’s numbers to create this list of the best selling fins

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Solite Custom Boots Reviewed

Solite Custom Boots Review

Coldwater surfers know better than anyone that a good pair of booties can be worth their weight in gold. After all, if you’re too cold and can’t feel your feet, you can’t surf. The most common critique of booties since their invention is that they don’t feel the same as your bare feet when surfing. Solite booties aim to change that by creating a heat-moldable boot that can actually be set to the exact contours of your foot.

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Tom’s Guide to the Best Twin Fins

A lot of boards today come with a 5 fin option, allowing surfers to choose between riding a thruster or quad set up, but what about a twin? Perhaps no fin set up can break the straight line better than the twin fin.

Best suited for a fish or swallow-tailed shortboard, the twin feels freer without the stability of a center fin. With no trailing fins to hold it back, the Twin’s two extra large fins give it just enough stability and allow you to draw completely different types of lines.
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The Top Quad Fin Sets for 2020

The Top Quad Fin Sets for 2020If you were to order a shortboard today, any shaper would ask what fin configuration you would like. However, this was not the case, as even 15 years ago thrusters were the norm. It seems now, more than ever, surfers are experimenting, enjoying, and refining the quad fin.

Known for the ability to provide extra speed and a different feel than a traditional tri-fin set up, quads are becoming ever popular on the world tour, at big wave spots, and in local lineups. To make it easy, we’ve dug through all the available quad fin sets available today and rounded up the top contenders with something for everyone.
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Gifts for Surfers: 30 Awesome and Affordable Gift Ideas

Surfer Gift Guide

There are a lot of toys out there that Surfers are interested in, and a lot of them are out of the price range for your average gift. Surfboards can run over $1000 and wetsuits can run as much as $600. To make it easier to come up with gift ideas we have procured this short list of Awesome and Affordable Gifts for Surfers.

Christmas Shoppers Look No Further. Everything listed in the below guide is available for sale at our online surf shop as well as our two retail locations.

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