Cleanline Introduces Push Fins

Hailing from our neighbors to the east, Push Fins was born from the intersection of skate and surf culture. Originally, getting its start by re-purposing used skate decks into fins, Push fins found that by integrating materials from the skate industry they could create a more dynamic and eco-friendly fin. Best part is that they’re all handmade here in the USA.
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Cleanline Introduces Vissla Wetsuits

Cleanline is proud to announce that we now are carrying Vissla Wetsuits. Vissla offers excellent suits that feature simple designs, built with the best possible materials. We received the first batch of suits last month and were immediately impressed.

Vissla was founded by a few long-time wetsuit industry execs and it shows in the details, as these suits are designed with all the features surfers really want at a great price.

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Patagonia Wetsuits Overview for 2018

Patagonia Wetsuits Overview for 2018Since the beginning, Patagonia has been committed to doing things differently than most companies. So when Patagonia started to make wetsuits, it was no big surprise that they quickly focused on finding alternatives to the traditional petroleum-based neoprene and harmful production methods found in the wetsuit industry.

Patagonia first revolutionized the wetsuit with the introduction of their natural rubber, Yulex back in 2012. Now for 2018, Patagonia has updated their entire line of suits to be more flexible, comfortable and environmentally-friendly than ever before.
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Rip Curl Wetsuits Overview for 2018

Rip Curl Wetsuits Overview for 2018The new fullsuits for 2018 have landed and we’re stoked to run you through the new suits. Rip Curl has made a lot of changes to their lineup this fall, and introduced some big updates to their material and wetsuit technology. We’ve saved you the time of combing through the spec sheets and compiled a list of the new updates in an overview of the Fall 2018 wetsuits.
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