OluKai Makes Donation to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

We’ve always been very pleased to carry OluKai Sandals in our stores.  They make a durable, comfortable product that always leaves our customers satisfied.  We also greatly respect and love their commitment to giving back.  This holiday season Olukai has partnered up with Project Save Our Surf and the New York Surfrider Chapter to help with the Hurricane Sandy relief. They donated $85,000 worth of shoes to victims and also helped with financial support.

From OluKai:

“Everyone at OluKai has been deeply moved by the aftermath of Sandy,” said Cara Hockersmith, OluKai Project Lead for Sandy Relief Efforts. “We are grateful to be able to take local action with our partners Project Save Our Surf and New York Surfrider.”

OluKai’s giveback philosophy is a deep part of the brand’s DNA and marked by a continual commitment to partnering with organizations actively pursuing Mauka- and Makai-initiatives (protecting the land and ocean). Additionally, OluKai has built a legacy of support with meaningful events such as their annual Giveback Day, during which the company closes its doors and joins a local cause – such as Project Save Our Surf and Inside The Outdoors for wetlands and ocean conservation and StandUp for Kids to raise awareness and supplies for homeless and street kids in Orange County, CA.”

Support a wonderful company with a great mission this holiday season by giving a quality pair of footwear from Olukai.

Ugg Australia Authenticity

Cleanline Surf is an Authorized UGG Dealer

Cleanline Surf is an Authorized UGG Dealer

The holiday season is upon us, which means cold weather and gift giving, and what better way to cover all your bases than a cozy pair of Ugg Boots?  When you invest in something like a pair of Ugg boots, you want to get your money’s worth.  Nothing is more frustrating than paying over a hundred dollars for something that is poor craftsmanship.  I also know that people love a bargain and search tirelessly for the best deal on a product before purchasing, but when it comes to Ugg boots you want to make sure you are getting the real deal.  There are millions of manufacturers flooding the market with inferior knock-offs and as a consumer you need to educate yourself.  Ugg does take precautions to help their customers make sure they are getting the real deal.

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Can you wash TOMS Shoes?

Can you wash TOMS Shoes?

Toms Shoes have been a sensation in our shop, and why shouldn’t they?  A cute inexpensive product that comes in a multitude of colors, that also helps children in foreign countries.  They pioneered what I like to call the “consumerism with a conscience” fad we see in retail today, a product that gives back when you buy.  That being said, many people want their Toms to last and not buy a new pair as soon as the old pair gets dirty and worn.

The most common question I get is “Can you wash TOMS Shoes?”


I asked our Toms dealer what the low down was and his response was, “Yes, BUT they will break down faster the more you wash them.  Also, the leather insole will get a bit tattered.”  I passed this information to a friend and she washed hers with great results, a pair of like new Toms.  You may want to take into consideration the material your Toms are made of.   My friend had a pair of classic canvas, but Toms uses such a wide variety of materials in their line I would look into care instructions for the specific material.  For example I would not put the glitter Toms in the washer, because the glitter would most likely come off.  If you ever have any Toms care questions we would be happy to look into it just send a message to us using out Contact Us form.  Toms are a fantastic product and I want to continue to help our customers support their cause. Check out our Toms selection today on our website,  and give the gift of shoes to a child in need.