Billabong Furnace Absolute X 5/4mm Hooded Wetsuit Review

The Furnace Absolute X has been one of the most popular entry-level wetsuits at the shop for years. Packing in some quality features at an affordable price, the Furnace Absolute X is well worth checking out for any surfer on a budget or just looking to get the most value for their cash. The new 2020 version of this model has some notable changes to it. The spec sheet and product photos alone don’t really do it justice, so we’ve gone ahead and created this in-depth review.
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The Best Selling Wetsuits Of 2019

The Best Selling Wetsuits of 2019Another year, another wetsuit roundup, and this time we look back on the best-selling wetsuits of 2019. This year, we saw a lot of welcome upgrades from the wetsuit companies, most notably on a few Billabong and Rip Curl suits. The old favorites still fill out much of this list, however there’s some newcomers like the re-designed O’Neill Hyperfreak, which despite being out for only a couple months, has held its own here. Now that the new year has passed, we’ve looked back and reviewed the numbers to find the most popular suits of 2019.

*For this list we’re including less common thicknesses like a straight 3mm or a 3.5mm in the most similar category. In this example, the 3/2mm section.

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The Six Best Women’s Hooded Wetsuits For 2020

A good wetsuit can change your surfing experience, and you really do get what you pay for. If you surf a lot, or hate being cold, it’s worth investing in something high-quality. A good wetsuit allows you to stay out for longer sessions, your surfing improves, and you can catch more sunsets. With that said, here’s our roundup of the best women’s hooded wetsuits for 2020.

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O’Neill Psycho Tech Review for 2019

O'Neill Psycho Tech Review for 2018

The newest Psycho Tech wetsuit from O’Neill is the pinnacle of wetsuit technology and performance. The days of sacrificing one desirable trait in light of another are long gone. The new Psycho Tech is lightweight and warm. Durable and Flexible. Easy to get on and it dries fast. Taped and sealed. To top it all off, O’Neill is now offering the exact same 5.5mm Hooded Psycho Tech in a Women’s Version as well. Overall, O’Neill hit an absolute home run with this wetsuit and I cannot wait to tell you why it should replace your current hooded full suit.

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Pro-Lite Smuggler Travel Bag Review

The Pro-Lite Smuggler is one of Pro Lite’s most consistently popular bags and probably the most unique travel bag out. Surfers know that traveling with boards gets expensive real quick, as many airlines are now charging a flat rate per board. Now Pro-Lite has engineered a very clever way to pack more boards than what appears to the untrained eye. If you’re looking to travel light and save a few dollars in the process the Smuggler is an excellent choice. 

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