Quiksilver Syncro Series Wetsuits Reviewed

The Syncro is one of the longest-running models here in the shop and consistently year after year, our top-selling entry-level wetsuit. The Syncro is available in a lot of different thicknesses, styles, and sizes, so we’ve decided to take an up-close look at the entire Syncro series to see what makes them so popular.

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O’Neill Psycho One Series Wetsuit Review

O’Neill Psycho One Review

The Psycho One is one of O’Neill’s most flexible models and one of our favorite performance suits. Available as a 4/3mm and a 3/2mm and in both chest zip and back zip versions, the Psycho One is the best value in the Psycho range of suits. This is one of our top picks and the back zip version, in particular, is one of the best back zip entries out there. We’ve broken down the entire series of Psycho One wetsuits with an in-depth review. 

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O’Neill Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5mm Wetsuit Review

O'Neill Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5mm Wetsuit Review

One of the most unique wetsuits ever made, the O’Neill Mutant has been a staple in our shop for over a decade. Now, O’Neill has re-released it with a new neoprene, a new thickness, and a new name; the Mutant Legend. Easily the most versatile suit we carry, the Mutant has a lot of cool features to it, and a few that aren’t immediately obvious. We’ve taken a closer look at the O’Neill Mutant Legend with a full review to see what makes this wetsuit so special. 

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Solite Custom Boots Reviewed

Solite Custom Boots Review

Coldwater surfers know better than anyone that a good pair of booties can be worth their weight in gold. After all, if you’re too cold and can’t feel your feet, you can’t surf. The most common critique of booties since their invention is that they don’t feel the same as your bare feet when surfing. Solite booties aim to change that by creating a heat-moldable boot that can actually be set to the exact contours of your foot.

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O’Neill Heat Back Zip Wetsuit Review

O'Neill Heat Back Zip Wetsuit Review

The Heat is one of O’Neill’s longest-running wetsuits and has built a cult following over the years. Known for it’s simple, rugged design, the Heat is now updated for 2020 to be lighter and more flexible than ever before. With big changes this year to the materials, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the new and improved O’Neill Heat wetsuit with a full review.

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