About Stefan Endres

A part of the Cleanline Crew since 2015, Stefan can be found answering any questions you might have about surf gear on the phone, online or in the shop. Always stoked for the next stretch of good surf or shipment of boards, Stefan rides and uses the gear he writes about. When he's not at Cleanline, Stefan is out in the water, on a bike, or playing music.

Here are my most recent posts

Billabong Furnace Comp Hooded 5/4mm Wetsuit Review

The Billabong Furnace Comp was one of our favorite 3/2mm and 4/3mm suits of 2018. The middle child of Billabong’s line, The Furnace Carbon Comp packed a lot of value into a surprisingly low price tag and was exceptionally high performance. We were so impressed by the suit, we asked Billabong to make a thicker version for cold water. Billabong was into the idea and from that conversation, the new 5/4mm Hooded Furnace Carbon Comp was born. 
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O’Neill Hooded Hyperfreak Wetsuit Review

Brand new for this fall, O’Neill has released a hooded version of one of their best suits, the Hyperfreak. This is a wetsuit we’ve been looking forward to (and asking for) for a long time, and now that it’s been released, we can say it’s definitely surpassed our already high expectations. The Hyperfreak Hooded is the best new suit for 2019. 
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The 5 Best Surfboard Day Bags For 2019

The 5 Best Surfboard Day Bags For 2019Day bags are worth the extra cash for a few reasons. Aside from protecting your board from minor dings, scratches, and the sun they also make it easy to carry your board and extra gear to and from the surf. We stock over 40 surfboard day bags and after receiving input from both employees and customers, we’ve come back with the 5 we believe are the best. These bags will keep your board safe so you’re not stuck doing ding repair when you could be surfing.
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Billabong Furnace Absolute X 5/4mm Hooded Wetsuit Review

One of the best wetsuits under $300 and an ever-popular choice amongst value-conscious surfers, the Billabong Furnace Absolute X packs a wide array of features for the price. We’re always getting questions about this wetsuit and decided to do an in-depth review that highlights its features, some of which you wouldn’t be able to pick up on from a spec list alone. 
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