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Spencer is a long time member of the Cleanline family who started out in his grom days washing wetsuits out back. These days you can either find him managing our Cannon Beach shop in the summer or at the online store dialing in customers by winter. When Spencer is not at work he is either in the water or planning his next exotic adventure abroad.

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O’Neill Psycho Tech Review for 2019

O'Neill Psycho Tech Review for 2018

The newest Psycho Tech wetsuit from O’Neill is the pinnacle of wetsuit technology and performance. The days of sacrificing one desirable trait in light of another are long gone. The new Psycho Tech is lightweight and warm. Durable and Flexible. Easy to get on and it dries fast. Taped and sealed. To top it all off, O’Neill is now offering the exact same 5.5mm Hooded Psycho Tech in a Women’s Version as well. Overall, O’Neill hit an absolute home run with this wetsuit and I cannot wait to tell you why it should replace your current hooded full suit.

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Top Picks: 4 Quality & Affordable Wetsuits Under $270

Top Picks: 4 Quality & Affordable Wetsuits Under $270Today, wetsuit manufacturers have been endlessly experimenting with new materials in order to make their suits the warmest, most flexible, and/or fastest drying on the market. Whether it’s Patagonia switching over to Yulex, a more sustainable alternative to neoprene, Rip Curl using a quick-drying “flash” lining or the exceptional elasticity of O’Neill’s Technobutter neoprene; it seems every brand has developed some unique trait to distinguish themselves from their competitors. However, with these technical advancements comes a steady increase in price. It’s to the point that if you’re looking at purchasing a company’s high-end 5/4mm wetsuit you should be prepared to shell out $450-$600.

We realize that not everyone is looking for these top tier wetsuits. In fact, more times than not, we’re on a budget and looking for an inexpensive suit that will get the job done without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a flat-water SUP user, a novice surfer who is tired of renting, or you’re just trying to save a little money; these are our picks for the best wetsuits you can buy for under $270.

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The 6 Best Selling Surf Booties For 2019

The 6 Best Selling Surf Booties For 2019We’ve gone through the numbers and have now updated our best selling booties list for 2019. Between the six boots mentioned below, every type of surfer can be satisfied. Whether you are looking for quality, comfort, warmth, durability, or affordability, Cleanline has your feet covered.

To boil it down even further, we’ve organized the list into 3 categories, overall popularity, performance, and value. 
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Billabong Furnace Carbon Wetsuit Review

When it comes to high-end hooded wetsuits, Billabong might not be the first name that comes to mind. Brands like O’Neill, Rip Curl, and Patagonia have cornered the high-end hooded wetsuit market and have been our three best selling suits year after year. In fact, the only Billabong suit to crack our list of Best Selling Wetsuits of 2018 was the affordable Furnace Absolute X Hooded Chest Zip. I can say with certainty this is going to change for 2019.

My eyes were first opened to Billabong’s new Furnace Carbon line of wetsuits back in September when I was invited to partake in Billabong and Surfline’s Wetsuit Field Testing. Scott Boot, Billabong’s global director of wetsuits, and his team of mad scientists have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to develop a high-end wetsuit that rivals top brands by combining the desirable attributes of each; warmth, flexibility, comfort, dry time, and durability.  Billabong’s new Furnace Carbon line of wetsuits not only addresses each of these, but the attention to detail within each specific feature is remarkable.

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5 Best Surf Booties for 2017

5 Best Selling Surf Booties 2017

So you spent all your money on the newest and warmest wetsuit on the market, only to find out that your old booties are immensely inadequate. Now, not even your 7mm bio-fleeced hooded full suit can prevent that stinging chill from hindering your surfing experience. Quality booties are an essential part of surfing in cold water. They can be the difference between marathon sessions in frigid temperatures and you failing to even stand up on your board due to complete loss of feeling in your feet. Luckily, we have a wide assortment of warm booties that’ll keep you cozy, comfortable, and surfing longer. Continue reading