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Matt is our chief blogger here at Cleanline Surf. He has an extensive knowledge of wetsuits, surfboards, and other surf gear and rides the products he writes about. When he isn't blogging he's answering your questions on the phone, packing up your brand new suit, or out in the water testing new gear.
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The SOLVE Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup

From Solv.org

“Celebrate clean seas with Oregonians from all over the state by cleaning up our beaches Saturday March 31st. To participate, meet at a registration site near your favorite beach click here to register, where volunteer Beach Captains will be stationed with free bags, gloves, and safety information.”

Join Cleanline Employees, and members of our local community to keep our beaches clean!

Patagonia R1 Wetsuits Have Arrived

Patagonia R1 Back Zip 2mm Wetsuit

The Greenest Wetsuit?

Patagonia’s new R1 wetsuit came in yesterday, and we’re liking what we see.  The new 2mm thickness fills the gap in the Patagonia wetsuit line providing coverage from 65 to 75° Fahrenheit.  That means all you surfers down in Southern California, Florida, and the South Eastern states who thought the R2 was a bit to warm, look no further!  Being a 2mm suit, it’s light weight, flexible, and with a back zip entry it’s a quick and easy on and off suit.

So whats with the Green?  Well, it’s REALLY green.  Not just the color, but also the materials.  Made out of recycled polyester and nylon the green goodness is environmentally friendly, adds warmth, and is soft/smooth to the touch.  Patagonia is using this suit to point out that it is in fact NOT made out of bamboo, and that bamboo is not as environmentally friendly as we may have thought.  They also mention that their suit is not completely green, but they are working on it, and we’re stoked on that.  Check out the full story on that at their Blog.

Anyways, back to the suit.  The insulating green stuff is a little thinner than the merino wool used on the thicker suits, so I would put this suit(fullsuit) up there in warmth with your average 3/2 wetsuit, while the R2 is a bit warmer than most 3/2’s.  Coming in at under $400 for the full suit, and under $200 for the spring suit, backed by Patagonia’s killer warranty service, the R1 is a top of the line warm water wetsuit that is well worth the price.

Give us a call, or leave a comment if you have any questions or want to share your thoughts about the new suits.  This post will be updated as we get to know the suit better so stay tuned!

P.S. You can buy Patagonia R1 Wetsuits Online HERE.


Lib Tech Surfboards

Mike Olson talks about history of the up and coming Lib Tech Surfboards line. In the works for over 10 years, the new boards are said to have all new environmentally friendly materials. In fact everything in these new boards is a currently unused material in the surfboard industry accept stainless steel screws.  No sand paper, no brushes, no solvents, kind of sounds like magic.

Said to be nearly ding proof, and completely waterproof.  Of the prototypes in use for the last two years, only a few have gotten a minor ding.  Completely new fin systems (compatible with FCS) and new leash attachments.  Mike boasts it as the “most tech surfboard” and says it will be reasonably priced at $696.96.

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