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Matt is our chief blogger here at Cleanline Surf. He has an extensive knowledge of wetsuits, surfboards, and other surf gear and rides the products he writes about. When he isn't blogging he's answering your questions on the phone, packing up your brand new suit, or out in the water testing new gear.
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Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards just arrived in the shop.  These aren’t your cheap plastic skateboards from days past.  These are the real deal.  Super fast, super short, bright colors, and so hot right now!  Made from a special plastic formula that’s built to last, Penny Skateboards are the answer to your summer transportation needs.  The trucks turn great and the wheels roll for days.  Feel like its a bit too small for your taste?  Try the Nickel, it’s 27″ long.  That’s 5″ longer than the Penny.  Ranging from $89.95 to $99.95 it is a easy choice for a summer cruiser!

Lib Tech Waterboards

Lib Tech has finally completed the surf/skate/snow trifecta, and boards are currently awaiting shipment. We have a big order written up for the new Lib Tech Surfboards.  Coming early June, get stoked!

From lib-tech.com

Each of the 31 pieces used to construct our surfboards are new materials to the surf industry. 30 years experience crafting and riding high performance environmentally friendly composite surf, skate and snowboards went into designing our unique Waterboard process, materials, and shapes. Each fused homogenous surf structure is handcrafted in the USA with a focus on performance and environmentally friendly manufacturing and materials. Only the stainless steel fin screws remain the same. Waterboarding is now fun and healthy.

We will have our boards up on our Lib Tech Surfboards page as soon as they get here.

Any Questions!?

11th Annual Clean Water Classic Surf Contest

Clean Water Classic

2012 Clean Water Classic Surf Contest

It’s that time of year again for the Clean Water Classic up in Westport, WA.  This weekend there will not only be surfing, but also live music, movie showings, a vendor village, silent auction, and raffle.  This is an awesome event and is also a fundraiser for the Pacific Northwests Chapters of the Surfrider Foundation which works to keep our beaches and water clean and safe.  It’s going to be a great weekend, so grab your friends/family and head to Wesport!

Check out the full event details over at www.cleanlinewaterclassic.com