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Patagonia Wool Lined Wetsuit Booties and Gloves

Patagonia R3 Wool Lined Wetsuit BootiesNew for Fall 2012 Patagonia’s Wool Lined Wetsuit Booties and Gloves are finally here and they look bomb proof.  At first glance you can see the quality in the seams, stitching, and neoprene that you come to expect from all Patagonia products.  Besides being possibly the most durable wetsuit accessories we carry, the merino wool lining provides extra warmth for those cold winter days out in the surf.  On top of that it also makes for an easy on and off because they wool itself slides easily against skin.

Patagonia Wetsuit GlovesAfter trying on a few pairs, we noticed both the gloves and boots run a bit small compared to most brands, so you may want to go a size down.  If you wear a 9 size shoe, you will want to get a size 10 boot.  If you normally where a medium glove, go up to a large.    The PU-Lamination is soft to the touch, but grips enough to hold on to the rails of your board.  In a nutshell the new line of surf booties and wetsuit gloves from Patagonia get our seal of approval.  Backed by the one of the best warranties in the business it’s a solid choice if you’re looking for a long lasting surf glove or boot.  As always call us to hear our full opinion.

Patagonia Wool Lined Wetsuit Booties


Patagonia Wetsuit Gloves

New Organic Penny Skateboards


Organic Penny Skateboards - Penny Organic Board

Head on over to our website to shop online for Organic Penny Skateboards.

From Penny Skateboards:

Our Penny Organic decks are built to completely break down naturally when immersed in soil. Simply bury your deck in your backyard and over time the deck will completely break down back to dirt.


And here’s a video for your entertainment.