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Matt is our chief blogger here at Cleanline Surf. He has an extensive knowledge of wetsuits, surfboards, and other surf gear and rides the products he writes about. When he isn't blogging he's answering your questions on the phone, packing up your brand new suit, or out in the water testing new gear.
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Limited Edition Mutant 4.5/3.5 with Techno Butter

O'Neill Mutant 4.5/3.5 Limited Edition 52-12 Wetsuit

O’Neill has been hard at work in their area 52 labs coming up with the latest wetsuit tech, and this time around they have come up with something truly awesome.  The new Mutant 4.5/3.5 with Techno Butter Neoprene and Super Seam Weld Technology is about as versatile a wetsuit as you can get.  Basically they took the Mutant, which was already a great wetsuit, and made it lighter, warmer, and more flexible.

The Techno Butter is boasted to be a 17% lighter formula with 30% less water absorption, and it dries quicker than any previous O’Neill Neoprene.  The Super Seam Weld Tech is an all new narrower silicone-based urethane seal applied to the outside of a triple glued stitchless seam.  60% Thinner, and Lighter.  Thinner = More Stretch.  Bam!  The detachable hood on this suit extends its temperature range to get you through those icy duck dives without the icy headache, all the while giving you the option to completely shed the hood on warmer days.

This suit retails for $449.95 and is worth every penny.

Stock is limited on this Limited Edition Series.  Get’em while their hot!

O'Neill Mutant 4.5/3.5 Limited Edition 5212 Wetsuit


Winter 2013 Lib Tech Snowboards

Lib Tech Snowboards

Winter is just around the corner, and the snow is starting to fall in the hills.  Time to pick out your new shred stick, and there is no better brand to choose from than Lib Tech.  Get ’em while their hot!  We have the new Skate Banana, Attack Banana, and Travis Rice Pro’s in stock with Free Shipping and No Tax!  Yeeeew!