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Established in 1980, with locations in Seaside and Cannon Beach, Cleanline Surf is the Northwest’s Original Surf Shop and remains your leader for surf, skate, and kitesurf needs.
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Interview with Chuy Reyna of Firewire Surfboards

Chuy Reyna is Firewire’s head of marketing, a former pro surfer and just an all around nice guy. Chuy has a long history in surfing and the surf industry and we were stoked at the chance to ask him a few questions about his life. Read on to hear more about Chuy’s life, the behind-the-scenes makings of Firewire and definitely one of the more unbelievable Kelly Slater stories.
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The Best Selling Wetsuits Of 2018

The Best Selling Wetsuits of 2018Another year, another wetsuit roundup, and this time we look back on the best-selling wetsuits of 2018. This year, we saw a lot of welcome upgrades from wetsuit companies, including some important improvements by Billabong and Patagonia. The old favorites still fill out much of this list, however there’s some newcomers like the Furnace Absolute, which despite being out for only a couple months, has held its own here. Now that the new year has passed, we’ve looked back and reviewed the numbers to find the most popular suits of 2018.

*For this list we’re including less common thicknesses like a straight 3mm or a 3.5mm in the most similar category. In this example, the 3/2mm section.

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Interview with Lib Tech’s Mike Olsen

When we first started talking about doing interviews for the site, the first person that kept coming to mind was Mike Olsen. Mike’s the man responsible for Lib Tech, GNU and a host of other unique products all based out of the Northwest and a Cleanline Shop vet no less. We were stoked to get the opportunity to talk with Mike about the past, present and future of all things Lib Tech. With a lot of in depth responses and shared history, this is probably the most interesting (and longest) interview we’ve done this far, so enjoy!

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2018 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Surf Sale

Black Friday Cyber Monday SaleThis year for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, we’re going big and putting almost everything on sale. These will be the biggest discounts of the year and we’re offering, even more, deals than previous years. So if you’ve been waiting to pick up that suit or surfboard, or had your eye on a travel bag, the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend is your best chance to score big.
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Interview with Eric Arakawa

Interview With Eric ArakawaEric Arakawa is one of the most well respected and beloved shapers ever to come from the North Shore of Hawaii and has made boards for all the greats. From Michael Ho to Bruce and Andy Irons to Jack Robinson today, Eric has remained relevant for his incredible dedication to craft and high-performance design. We’ve been carrying Eric’s boards for over 25 years now and love them, so naturally, we were very excited to ask him a few questions.
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