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Established in 1980, with locations in Seaside and Cannon Beach, Cleanline Surf is the Northwest’s Original Surf Shop and remains your leader for surf, skate, and kitesurf needs.
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Rip Curl Flash Bomb Heat Seeker Review

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Heat Seeker ReviewThe Flash Bomb Heat Seeker is one of the most unique suits we’ve ever carried at the shop and one of our most asked-about pieces of gear. After years of research and development, Rip Curl released the Heat Seeker to a lot of hype. Now that the suit has proven itself in the water, we’re excited to present a full in-depth review.
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Cleanline Grom Day 2019

Yesterday was our 4th Annual Grom Day held at Indian Beach in Ecola State Park.  This year’s turnout was solid with tons of kids getting in the water. We were stoked to see how many kids were in the water, catching waves. This year was sunny, with small waves, perfect for learning. Even better, more than a few kids got some really good longer rides and with style no less!
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Vissla Seven Seas Hooded 5/4/3mm Wetsuit Review

Vissla Seven Seas Hooded 5/4/3mm Wetsuit ReviewThe Vissla Seven Seas is a new suit to us here at the shop and in a short period of time, we’ve heard a lot of good feedback from both customers and employees. So much so that we’ve done a full, close-up review. If you’ve never owned a Vissla suit before or are just looking for a good deal, the Seven Seas is worth it.
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Cleanline Introduces Push Fins

Hailing from our neighbors to the east, Push Fins was born from the intersection of skate and surf culture. Originally, getting its start by re-purposing used skate decks into fins, Push fins found that by integrating materials from the skate industry they could create a more dynamic and eco-friendly fin. Best part is that they’re all handmade here in the USA.
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Interview with Chuy Reyna of Firewire Surfboards

Chuy Reyna is Firewire’s head of marketing, a former pro surfer and just an all around nice guy. Chuy has a long history in surfing and the surf industry and we were stoked at the chance to ask him a few questions about his life. Read on to hear more about Chuy’s life, the behind-the-scenes makings of Firewire and definitely one of the more unbelievable Kelly Slater stories.
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