Softech Surfboards Softech Bomber 5'10 Soft Surfboard - Grey/Acid

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Tapered tail shape with a longboard outline up front, makes this board the ultimate cruiser that will flow down the line and turn on a dime. The Softech Bomber Soft Surfboard has a wide nose and big flat surface which make it great for paddling and catching waves: perfect for a beginner or anyone taking their skills to the next level. The more advanced surfer will have a lot more fun knowing that they can throw this board around with just the right back foot placement. Its got a double stringer for a little more stiffness and a shortboard shape. Fun bottom designs and FCS II fins for easy swapping.

Product Features

  • 5'10" shortboard shape / 45L
  • Double stringer
  • Includes FCS II twin-fin setup and fins
  • Pre-installed leash plug
  • 100% waterproof EPS core


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