Pyzel Surfboards 7mm Standard Leash

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Sometimes leashes break because of a frail cord or poorly designed swivel but with a Pyzel leash you don't need to worry about that because of its carefully thought out design and use of strong materials. You see, the Pyzel Surfboards 7mm Standard Leash has a 7mm cord made of Polyurethane making it strong and consistently dependable in the water. It also has a stainless steel swivel system to prevent tangles, because those are not only annoying but alarming. But if you do need to abort quickly it has a quick release pull tab along with some extra strength velcro for dependability and longtime use. And as a friendly reminder friends, always try to have direct control of your board in the water so we can all surf happily.

Product Features

  • Padded neoprene cuff with quick release pull tab
  • High strength PU (Polyurethane) cord
  • Stainless steal anti tangle swivel system
  • High strength velcro
  • Triple wrap rail saver
  • Internal key pocket
  • Doubel swivel
  • Standard leash
  • 7mm
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