Push Fins A Keel Fin Set - Teal

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The Push Fins (A) Keel's have a shallow, heavily raked template at 49.9 degrees and is designed specifically to generate down-the-line speed and control needed for fishes and your wide-tailed short twins. With an extra stiff base to increase drive and a medium-stiff progressive flex throughout the core and tip, this fin works great for generating speed as well as providing the stability needed for more critical sections.

Push Fins are made of skateboard and surfboard waste and are all handmade right here in Oregon. We love them for their eco-friendly construction.

*Compatible with Futures Boxes

Tech Specs

  • Depth: 4.62 in
  • Base: 6.6 in
  • Rake: 49.9 in
  • Area: 22.6 sq in
  • Foil: Flat
  • Cant: 5 deg


SkateCore RTM
RTM or Resin Transfer Molding is a composite manufacturing process developed in the aerospace industry that allows Push Fins to consistently create fins with the highest strength to weight ratio along with minimizing their own manufacture waste. A Push Fin core is made of 100% pre-consumer North American Maple plywood from skateboard decks that were rejected for consumer use due to small blemishes such as cracked or knotty wood. Don't worry, they work around these blemishes: its all a part of their eco-friendly approach to making more sustainable fin options. All Push Fins have a solid fiberglass base, raw and waste, that is salvaged fom surfboard manufactures.

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