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"If you are the kind of person that waxes your surfboards then you'll need one of these. It took me a bit to get hip to the pickle, but if you need to remove excess wax from your board this is the way to do it. Get your board hot in the sun and scrape what you can, then go to town with the pickle. You'll soon find your board is shiny and new. It had been a while since I had de-waxed my board, and I didn't realize how dirty it was. It's kinda like taking your car to the car wash...but with a surfboard, plus it's cheap and easy!"

The Pickle Wax Remover® is a unique tool used to remove the surf wax from any surfboard. The Pickle has always been "green." It is not only green in color it is "green" for the environment. The Pickle contains 100% recycled ingredients and does not contain or use any harsh chemicals. The Pickle is reusable and can clean board after board after board... Using your Pickle can help save the Planet! So get your hands on your Pickle today.

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