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Patagonia R4 Yulex 5.5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit

Patagonia R4 Yulex 5.5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit 4 5 2
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Cleanline Staff Member Matt Cleanline Staff

Matt Says:

"Patagonia has made major improvements to the new R4 Hooded Wetsuit, and I can say that this is the most flexible R4 to date. The fit is a lot more dialed in as well, so you get improved warmth and less flushing. Previously I felt the R4 was pretty restrictive when paddling because it is a thick wetsuit, but I can't say that is an issue anymore which is awesome. As always you’re getting the most durable wetsuit on the market, backed by a great warranty and repair center. I’d highly recommend this suit to someone looking for something for water temps from the high 30’s to the high 40’s. Also, the black interior is a nice change from previous years with the more bright colors, but that’s just me."


The Patagonia R4 Yulex Hooded Wetsuit packs insane warmth that will keep you in the water longer. The super eco-friendly Yulex material used in the R4 Wetsuit has improved substantially in the last year, and the overall stretch and feel are on par with what you would expect from a high-end wetsuit. This suit is for the coldest waters out there, down into the 30's, and it will keep you as warm as anything on the market with its 5.5mm thickness and a solid front zip entry. Round out this wetsuit with the triple glued and blind stitched seams and internal taping and you have an extremely warm, durable, and surprisingly stretchy (for the thickness) wetsuit.

A warm and durable neoprene-free wetsuit, the Patagonia R4 Yulex Front-Zip Hooded Full Suit is made of 85% Yulex natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber by polymer content; the natural rubber is derived from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Made in a Fair Trade Certified facility. Suggested water temperatures: 38–48° F/3–9° C.

Now made in a Fair Trade Certified facility, these neoprene-free Yulex wetsuits are made of 85% natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber by polymer content. Replacing a petroleum-based material with a plant-based one, they offer the same warmth and performance attributes as conventional stretch neoprene while reducing CO2 emissions by up to 80% in the manufacturing process. Derived from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council certified by the Rainforest Alliance, natural rubber is blended with chlorine-free synthetic rubber to increase ozone- and UV -resistance and meets rigorous standards for strength, stretch, and durability. With new patterning for maximum flexibility and improved fit, the R4 Yulex Front-Zip Hooded Full Suit is 5.5mm in the torso and thighs (hood: 3.5mm), lined with high-stretch, fast-drying 95% polyester (51% recycled) /5% spandex inverted microgrid; 4mm in the arms and legs, lined with high-stretch, fast-drying 100% recycled polyester jersey; the face fabric is 85% recycled polyester/15% spandex. The face fabric and lining are now solution-dyed—using 86% less water than conventional dyeing—and are laminated with water-based AquaA glue that’s free from harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The suit’s floating front-zip entry features a corrosion-proof zipper and asymmetrical flap for a better seal, and the Salmi zipper is fully replaceable to extend the suit’s lifespan. Supratex kneepads and ankle cuffs provide excellent abrasion resistance and increased durability. 100% external seam sealing; all seams are triple glued and internally taped. An adjustable hood opening has a cord lock for custom fit. Easy-access key loop included. Suggested water temperatures: 38–48° F/3–9° C.


  • Thickness: 5.5/4mm
  • Neoprene: Yulex Natural Rubber/Synthetic Rubber
  • Internal Lining: Recycled Polyester
  • Seams: Sealed/Taped
  • Zipper: Chest Zip
  • Hood: Attached
  • Model Year: 2019/2020
  • Manufacturers Part Number: 88494

Product Features

  • Made with neoprene-free Yulex; natural rubber/chlorine-free synthetic rubber that meets rigorous standards for performance, durability, warmth and sustainability
  • Torso/thighs: 4.5mm of 85% Yulex pure natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber
  • Arms/legs: 3.5mm of 85% Yulex pure natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber
  • Hood: 3.5mm of 85% Yulex pure natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber
  • Adjustable hood opening with cord lock and visor
  • Easy-access key loop located on chest
  • High stretch, 100% recycled polyester jersey lining throughout improves flexibility and dry time
  • Stretchy and water resistant exterior face fabric is 85% recycled polyester and 15% spandex
  • All seams are triple glued and blind-stitched and and internally spot taped at high-stress areas
  • Derived from sources which are Forest Stewardship Council Certified by the Rainforest Alliance
  • For temperate water ranging from 38 - 48° F / 3 - 9° C
  • 1,758 g (62 oz)
  • Made in a Fair Trade Certified facility
  • Made in Thailand


Patagonia R4 Yulex 5.5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit Very warm and durable Review by Donvtoe Donvtoe
Had the suit for a year now and I love it. It’s more durable than my previous suit and much warmer. I can stay in the water as long as I want. The suit lacks on flexibility but it is a 5/4. I probably will get the same suit when the time comes.
(Posted on 3/14/2020) 2020-03-14
Patagonia R4 Yulex 5.5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit warm but not that flexible and too thick and heavyReview by matt matt
it will definitely keep you warm, but a huge drop off in flexibility and performance compared to Yamamoto rubber for flexibility and lightness
(Posted on 3/13/2019) 2019-03-13

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Size Chart

Patagonia Men's Wetsuits — Size Chart

The staff at Cleanline Surf specialize in sizing Patagonia wetsuits. If you have never worn a Patagonia wetsuit before we strongly urge you to call us for expert advice on sizing. We do have a size chart available below, but please take it with a grain of salt. For the perfect fit the first time please call and speak with one of our wetsuit experts.

XS5′6″-5′8″120-140 lbs34.5-36.5″28.5-30.5″33.5-35.5″14.5″26-28″
S5′8″-5′10″135-155 lbs36.5-38.5″29-31″34-36″15″27-29″
MS5′6.5″-5′8.5″140-160 lbs38.5-40.5″30.5-32.5″35.5-37.5″15.5″27-29″
M5′9″-5′11″150-170 lbs38.5-40.5″30.5-32.5″35.5-37.5″15.5″28-30″
MT6′1″-6′3″160-180 lbs38.5-40.5″30.5-32.5″35.5-37.5″15.5″30-32″
LS5′7.5″-5′9.5″160-180 lbs40.5-42.5″32.5-34.5″37.5-39.5″16″28-30″
L5′10″-6′0″170-190 lbs40.5-42.5″32.5-34.5″37.5-39.5″16″30-32″
LT6′2″-6′4″180-200 lbs40.5-42.5″32.5-34.5″37.5-39.5″16″31-33″
XLS5′8.5″-5′10.5″180-200 lbs42.5-44.5″34.5-36.5″39.5-41.5″16.5″30-32″
XL5′11″-6′1″190-210 lbs42.5-44.5″34.5-36.5″39.5-41.5″16.5″31-33″
XLT6′4″-6′5″200-220 lbs42.5-44.5″34.5-36.5″39.5-41.5″16.5″32-34″
XXL6′2′-6′4″210-230 lbs42.5-46.5″36.5-38.5″41.5-43.5″17″31-33″
XXXL6′3″-6′5″230-250 lbs44.5-48.5″38.5-40.5″43.5-45.5″17.5″31-33″

Full Patagonia Wetsuit Sizing Chart


Patagonia Ironclad Guarantee

We stand behind everything we make, including our wetsuits. But wetsuits require care if they are going to perform and wear the way they were intended. Patagonia is not responsible for wetsuits that are abused or show normal wear and tear over time. Scratches and fading are inevitable, as are tears from the occasional close call with a fin.

Wetsuit Care Guideline:

  • Rinse your wetsuit with fresh water after every use.
  • After rinsing, fold in half at waist and hang dry.
  • Do not store it wet, or in direct sunlight.
  • Suit up carefully. We've selected high-stretch materials for their comfort and function. Avoid overstretching fabric and seams. Do not step on one leg to pull the other leg out.
  • If possible, change in a plastic tub or on a mat

Our wetsuit warranty does not cover upgrading your older Patagonia wetsuit to a current model. We are continuously improving our designs and materials, but that doesn't make your existing wetsuit unsatisfactory. It just means that the next one you buy will be even better than the last.


Returns are easy! We understand that in some situations returns or exchanges may be necessary. We also want you to be stoked on your purchase. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you may return it for a full refund, or exchange within 30 days of receiving your order. Items must be in new condition with original tags and packaging.

Please make sure your wetsuit fits before taking it in the water. We are not able to take returns or exchanges on used wetsuits.

Please reference our full Return Policy.

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