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O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit

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The O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit takes a simple yet serious approach to a highly flexible, competition ready cold water suit. Sporting super stretch Technobutter 3 Neoprene in the legs and torso and light and soft Technobutter 3X Neoprene in the paddling zone, the Hyperfreak delivers insane comfort and reliable warmth. The durable glued and blind-stitched seams are internally sealed with TB3X split neoprene tape to minimize water leaks and add longer life to the suit. Topped off with a water tight zipless entry system for a quick, fumble free in and out, and the HyperFreak Comp is one pro level wetsuit that is hard to beat.


  • Thickness: 4/3mm
  • Neoprene: Technobutter 3x
  • Internal Lining: Technobutter 3x, 3
  • Seams: Sealed/Taped
  • Zipper: Zipless Chest Entry
  • Hood: None
  • Model Year: 2019/2020
  • Manufacturers Part Number: 4971

Product Features

  • Zipless Entry with 360° Barrier and drain holes
  • Technobutter 3x neoprene: pre stretched neoprene with a featherlight envy foam core
  • Technobutter 3x interior jersey: back, arms, shoulders
  • Technobutter 3 interior jersey: chest, lower back, shoulders
  • Technobutter 3x fully taped seams with water-based glue
  • Seamless paddle zones
  • Double seal collar
  • Krypto knee padz
  • Key stash pocket on lower right leg
  • Minimal seam design for insane flexibility, fit and durability
  • Aqua Alpha: eco friendly solvent glue that is water based and free of VOC's
  • Limestone-based neoprene sourced from Japan


O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit Best/Most Flexible Suit Out ThereReview by Michael Michael
I have been loyal to another wetsuit brand for years, which also has a stellar reputation for great suits. I had tried other competing brands before and always found them inferior to that brand. However, after watching the recent Stab mag wetsuit reviews, which seemed real-world and unbiased, I decided to give this O'neil a shot because it received glowing reviews. In 10+ years of surfing, this is hands down the best suit that I have ever owned. This 4/3 is more flexible than other brands' 3/2 wetsuits. My recommendation is to watch the Stab reviews and even demo this suit if you can. If you can't try before you buy, just buy it (but know your size). I am now totally sold on Hyperfreak and will be converting over entirely for all suits as my current other thicknesses wear out.
(Posted on 1/4/2020) 2020-01-04
O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit Warm Suit and Amazing StaffReview by Brady Brady
The suit is exceeding expectations! As far as warmth goes the suit is unmatched and you will find yourself feeling like you’re in a hot tub out in the water! The suit came with a handwritten note, and some wax, which is awesome. I’ll definitely be shopping with Cleanline in the future!
(Posted on 12/21/2019) 2019-12-21
O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit Excellent SuitReview by PatrollerOfWaves PatrollerOfWaves
Had two sessions now in this suit. Water temps in ~60-62º range. I'm skinny (5'-11"; 160lbs) and always get cold easy and stayed very warm (no booties or hood). Suit is extremely comfortable and soft, fits great, no weird bunching or extras. Flexibility is very surprising for a 4/3. When I first tried it on I was concerned about a little tightness in the shoulder area but once I was in the water I noticed no difference between this an a very well-worn 3/2 that I have worn for years. Honestly didn't even think about flexibility while wearing it in the water - basically its super flexible. After catching several waves in a row I started getting a little warm so I splashed some water inside but that's the opposite problem I've always had at this temp with 4/3s.

The zipperless is new for me so it is a little challenging learning to get in and out of the suit. Nothing overly difficult but having used to chest-zip for past 15 years it's been an adjustment. Still was easier than I was expecting.

Overall this is easily the best, most flexible, warmest, most comfortable 4/3 I've worn in 20 years of surfing.
(Posted on 12/18/2019) 2019-12-18
O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit Pure gloryReview by Chris Chris
Very similar mobility to a 3/2 with better warmth. Allows me to surf in SD without booties in the winter, love it. I don't think it's quite as warm as some other 4/3's, but no doubt it is MUCH more comfortable and flexible. I think it's the perfect suit for SoCal winters.
(Posted on 12/16/2019) 2019-12-16
O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit Warm and SnugReview by SurfMatt SurfMatt
I bought this suit 3 weeks ago and have surfed in it twice now at the BSR surf park in Waco. The first day, the air temp was in the 20's and water in the 40's! I surfed for two hours and the suit felt wonderful. The second day had air temps in the 60's and water in the 50's. I was in the suit for 8 hours straight and stayed warm until the last hour or so.

The suit is soft and supple and looks great. It's my first 4/3 ever as I just imagined they'd be too bulky compared to a 3/2. This suit is softer and more flexible than the 3/2 it's replacing. The zipperless entry is a bit of a squeeze to get into (watch youtube videos for tips) but I never once have had the suit flushed when going under water or wiping out. I would definitely buy this suit again. It actually has me excited about surfing all winter this year instead of taking a break.

(Posted on 11/21/2019) 2019-11-21
O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit Best wetsuit I have ever ownedReview by J J
In cold Ocean Beach SF ca, this wetsuit has been a true blessing. While I never write reviews, I can't say enough of this suit, Cleanline staff, and the flexibility of the wetsuit. Do yourself a favor and pick this suit up this winter. You'll have a great time in the water.
(Posted on 10/25/2019) 2019-10-25
O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit AM i naked?Review by joshua joshua
I was in the shrill autumn waters of New England but it felt like I was sunbathing off the southern coast of St. Bart's with spider monkeys.
(Posted on 10/14/2019) 2019-10-14
O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit Amazing suit!!!Review by Rob N Rob N
This suit has taken me through 2 summers and 1 winter in SoCal.
It has worked in the 50 degree temp range with no real issue.
It's a TEENCY bit colder than some of the other 3/2 suits I have owned but the flex and drying time more than make up for that. Such a nice suit.
(Posted on 9/23/2019) 2019-09-23
O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit love this suitReview by BlueJava BlueJava
Super comfy, easy to get on/off, plenty warm (water temp currently high 50's here in Central Cali). This is a wonderful wetsuit. I'm right in the middle of the size specifications for an MT. It was super tight the first couple of times I put it on, but loosened up a little and is now perfect. I definitely like the minimalist design. Great flexibility!
(Posted on 8/19/2019) 2019-08-19
O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit warmth of a 4/3 with flex of a 3/2Review by Mike Mike
It feels warmer than my 3/2 but felt pretty much just a comfortable.
(Posted on 1/23/2019) 2019-01-23
O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit super comfy Review by chris schweda chris schweda
Easiest wetsuit to get into and the most comfortable suit I have owned
(Posted on 12/27/2018) 2018-12-27
O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit Great suitReview by Jeremy Jeremy
Perfect suit for flexibility and warmth for winter in SoCal.

Love the suit for a wider chest, I wear an XLS and highly recommend

Super stoked I went for O’Neill instead of the XCEL comp this time
(Posted on 11/29/2018) 2018-11-29
O'Neill HyperFreak Comp 4/3 Zipless Wetsuit Tremendous suit!Review by SharkBoy SharkBoy
Surfing in New England a 4 3 is essential as the water turns.
This zipperless did not flush at all and was easy in and easy out.
Water was 48 and I was toasty warm. Very flexible as well, felt more like a 3 2.
Technobutter 3 is the real deal and if you are looking for a 4 3 zipperless this is the one!
(Posted on 11/1/2018) 2018-11-01

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Size Chart

O’Neill Men’s Wetsuits — Size Chart

The staff at Cleanline Surf specialize in sizing O'Neill Wetsuits. If you have never tried an O'Neill suit before, we strongly urge you to call us for expert advice on sizing. We do have a size chart available below, but please take it with a grain of salt. For the perfect fit the first time please call and speak with one of our wetsuit experts.

XS5′7″-5′9″125-140 lbs36.5-37.5″28.5-29.5″
S5′8″-5′10″135-155 lbs37.5-39″29.5-31″
ST6′0″-6′2″145-165 lbs37.5-39″29.5-31″
MS5′6.5″-5′8.5″145-165 lbs39-41″31-33″
M5′9″-5′11″155-170 lbs39-41″31-33″
MT6′1″-6′3″160-180 lbs39-41″31-33″
LS5′7.5″-5′9.5″160-180 lbs41-43.5″33-35″
L5′10″-6′0″170-190 lbs41-43.5″33-35″
LT6′2″-6′4″180-200 lbs41-43.5″33-35″
XLS5′8.5′-5′10.5″180-200 lbs43.5-46″35-37″
XL5′11″-6′1″190-210 lbs43.5-46″35-37″
XLT6′3″-6′5″200-220 lbs43.5-46″35-37″
2XLS5′9.5″-5′11.5″200-220 lbs46-48.5″37-39″
2XL6′0″-6′2″210-230 lbs46-48.5″37-39″
3XL6′0″-6′3″230-250 lbs48.5-51″39-44″
4XL6′1″-6′4″250-270 lbs51-53.5″44-48″

Full O’Neill Wetsuit Sizing Chart



If the product is found to be defective under normal use and proper care, O'Neill will repair or replace the product at our sole discretion. The decision to replace or repair a product is made by the O'Neill Warranty Department after receipt of the defective product. At no time does the O'Neill offer refunds. Defective product should be returned clean and dry, postage prepaid. Please include a note with product description, product defects, requested action, return address (be sure to include postal code, especially for Canadian addresses), daytime phone number with area code, customers name and a copy of the purchase receipt sent to the address below.

Suits without a copy of the purchase receipt will NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.


  • Products classified as seconds
  • Fading from sunlight
  • Alterations
  • Materials over 1 year (from date of original purchase), or 90 days for accessories
  • Repairs or alterations done by anyone other than O'Neill or an O'Neill authorized repair facility
  • Warranty request without original receipt


Flat-Stitched Products, Glued and Blindstitched Products, and Fluid Seam Weld Products

  • Limited 1-year warranty (from date of original purchase) on workmanship and materials.

Neoprene Dry Suits

  • Limited 1-year warranty (from date of original purchase) on workman ship and materials (waterproof zipper excluded)


  • Limited 90-day (from date of original purchase) warranty on workmanship and materials


For repairs received from the dealer or end user, O'Neill offers:

  • 10 Business Day Turnaround for warranty Stitched Suits
  • 10 Business Day Turnaround for warranty Glued Suits
  • 20 Business Day Turnaround for warranty Fluid Seam Welded Suits
  • 30 Business Day Turnaround for all Non-Warranty Repairs

Repairs are to be returned clean and dry, postage paid. Please include the name and a daytime phone number with area code, return address, product description, and requested action.

Send Repairs To:

O'Neill U.S. Warranty Repair
1022 Bay Marina Drive, Suite 140B
National City, CA 91950
Tel: 1-800-331-1637


We understand that when purchasing gifts, returns and exchanges can be necessary, which is why for the Holidays we are extending our Return Policy so that anything purchased as a gift this Holiday Season is eligible to be returned by the end of January. If you are not 100% satisfied with your product you may return it for a full refund, or exchange by the end of the month of January 2020.

Please make sure your wetsuit fits before taking it in the water. We are not able to take returns or exchanges on used wetsuits.

Please reference our full Return Policy.

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