Lib Tech Surfboard 6'6" Extension Ramp Surfboard

Lib Tech Surfboard 6'6" Extension Ramp Surfboard 4.5 5 10
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This Lib Tech Surfboard is sitting in the rack now! Don't see the exact board or dimensions you want? Give us a call we are happy to contact Lib Tech to see what is available for you! Call 503-738-7888 or 888-546-6176 or use our contact us page.

The Lib Tech Extension Ramp Waterboard is an easy to surf mid-range shape that can spice up a grovel session or hold its own in blasting beach breaks. The Extension Ramp offers all the classic Lib Tech features such as the channeled grab rails, a strategically placed deck concave and five fin boxes for maximum fin configuration possibilities. The Extension Ramp takes an average day and makes it epic for surfers of all abilities. Includes 4 adjustable fins featuring 2 M.I.L.F. Technology side fins, 1 Lib Standard Trailing fin, 2 Spinfly Trailing fins and a Lib Tech fin key.

Your favorite longboard if you’re small, your favorite shortboard if you’re big.”– M.O.

Continuing the journey to provide the world's best surfboard construction, Lib Tech remains dedicated to a focus on performance and environmentally friendly manufacturing. Lib Tech's unique Waterboard process, materials, and shapes makes use of wind and water generated power, uses no solvents and creates zero hazardous waste. The result is an impact resistant surfboard that holds the best characteristics from both epoxy and polyester construction.

Using Lib Tech's Eco ISO-Tropic Thermo Pressure Fusion System, the waterproof NitrogeneCell Foam Core is married with Basalt Fibers and a Hexzylon Fiberfoam Skin for a smooth and durable board. The Carbon Power Spine Composite Stringer is a unidirectional 12K carbon fiber addition that is pre-tensioned from tip to tail, enhancing the surfboard’s recoil. The Hexzylon Fibrefoam is now laminated on each side of the Carbon Power Spine functionally creating a Variable Flex Gradient Top Skin that pinpoints and caters to areas wanting more flexibility and areas needing more rigidity. Dang difficult to ding and environmentally responsible, Lib Tech Waterboards are a big step ahead in the surfboard industry.

Lib Tech Basalt Carbon Construction

  • Waterproof NitrogeneCell Foam Core has elliptical engineered cells that act like a column providing stiffness from top to bottom and “nerf-like” elasticity
  • Pure additive-free Basalt mineral fiber with natural dampening properties
  • Carbon Power Spine Composite Stringer spreads tension, rebounds energy and delivers long lasting flex
  • Vibration absorbing and ding resistant Hexzylon Fibrefoam Top Skin with Variable Flex Gradient
  • Low VOC glycerin based Bio-Matrix Resin
  • Elasto Perimeter Dampening Fiber rails provides strength, pop and flex control
  • Crush and dent resistant Spock Blocks for long lasting performance and pop
  • Freedom Of Choice adjustable slot fin system with 5/8” performance tuning ability fits many 2-tab and some solid base fins
  • Super light fiber-composite leash cup with anodized 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum pin
  • Every board is handcrafted by surfers near Canada in the USA

*Do to variables in our shipments from the Lib Tech warehouse, the logo colors may not be exactly the same as the images you see on our website.


Lib Tech Surfboard 6'6" Extension Ramp Surfboard This board is a blast from ankle high to head height conditions.Review by Wavehog Wavehog
A must have board for the summer small waves in the west.
(Posted on 5/10/2016) 2016-05-10
Lib Tech Surfboard 6'6" Extension Ramp Surfboard Can't go wrong with LibReview by Bend Bend
Super fun! I'm still kind of a beginner and had no troubles with this board. 5'9" 170lbs. caught just about everything with it. nothing overhead...yet. looking forward to river and ocean surfing with it.
(Posted on 12/2/2015) 2015-12-02
Lib Tech Surfboard 6'6" Extension Ramp Surfboard Awesome funReview by E E
I demoed this board and had a BLAST on it. It took a few waves to get used to the flex but it glided into big sets as well as small grovely waves. I would love to try it as a quad but its already super fast as a thruster. I feel like surfing it in a quad will make it a little more playful/ less balanced/ more fun.
(Posted on 11/29/2015) 2015-11-29
Lib Tech Surfboard 6'6" Extension Ramp Surfboard Great Fun Board!Review by antman antman
I have 2 sessions on this board and it took a bit to get used to, but works great in overhead to grovely surf. I have it set up as a quad and it turns on a dime, yet it has really good drive. Surfs bigger than a 6'6". Pretty much the go to in glassy small to just overhead surf. Want to try the bowl model soon.

I'm 6'1" 170lbs.
(Posted on 11/23/2015) 2015-11-23
Lib Tech Surfboard 6'6" Extension Ramp Surfboard lib ext rampReview by mooch mooch
Not a quiver killer but really fun when the conditions are 3ft+ Not a great paddler since there isn't a lot of foam underneath your chest due to the concave. Took the board to Hawaii and paddling to distant reef breaks has you shoulders on fire. Definitely prefer this board on punchy breach breaks of Oregon. 6'4" 225lbs
(Posted on 10/29/2015) 2015-10-29
Lib Tech Surfboard 6'6" Extension Ramp Surfboard Great boardReview by Dan Dan
6'2" & 210 - intermediate +

Took a session to figure out the adjustable fin location.

I have it setup thruster. Board works well in weak chest to waste conditions. And gets better with more size and juice. My longboard and 2 short board grovellers have been collecting dust since I bought this board.

These boards are tough and light....the marketing stuff is not BS. I plan to do a mini quiver on this technology.....5'11 Puddle Jumper and 6'8" Vert are up next.
(Posted on 9/28/2015) 2015-09-28
Lib Tech Surfboard 6'6" Extension Ramp Surfboard Pure FunReview by Tillamook Jake Tillamook Jake
Pros: This board shines in faster breaking inside sets, and goes beast mode when the drops are steep. For a shorter board, I really like that the nose is rounded off when positioning or paddling back through waves because my hands can get a good grip anywhere. It feels like being a rugby player being able to grab, twist, tuck, and blast through the backside. The deck concave is in just the right spot and lets my chest grip-turn the board almost without paddling when positioning into a wave. The grab rails work great and it seems like I'm waxing for grip less often. Each of the fins has a 5/8" adjustment in the boxes, so in theory you could set up your fins asymmetrically. There are 5 fin boxes so you can go play quad, thruster, or even dubs. So far I'm most effective on thruster.

Cons: It's pretty wide and just 6'6", so it doesn't paddle fast or plane until you're on the wave. To get the fastest paddle speed be aware of the sweet spot in the deck concave. Just a little too far forward or backward and paddle speed drops significantly. Once that balance is figured out, she goes.
(Posted on 8/30/2015) 2015-08-30
Lib Tech Surfboard 6'6" Extension Ramp Surfboard performs as advertisedReview by CR CR
This board is amazing for only being 43L it has a comfortable feel and paddles into mushy waves like a dream, also the super-wide tail makes the board very stable with air drops and throws big buckets. I run it as a quad with GMB-5 fcs fins that seem to grip better than the stock fins. If not ready to buy yet, demo it at Cleanline. I'm 5'11 210lbs
(Posted on 7/13/2015) 2015-07-13
Lib Tech Surfboard 6'6" Extension Ramp Surfboard love itReview by russo russo
Lots of volume...paddles fast into waves and still has a very skatey feel for such a a big board. Iove it. Im 6'0 220 lbs
(Posted on 9/23/2014) 2014-09-23
Lib Tech Surfboard 6'6" Extension Ramp Surfboard GrovelationReview by Barney Barney
Great summertime board for mushy oregon closeouts. Surfing it as a quad for now. Still duck dive-able and fun in head high surf.

I am: 6'0" 176 lbs
(Posted on 9/12/2014) 2014-09-12

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