Lib Tech Pickup Stick 7'6 x 22.0 x 2.75 Surfboard

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The Lib Tech Pickup Stick 7'6 Surfboard is a “mid-size” shape that perfectly fills the gap between a shortboard and a longboard. A smooth flowing shape and rocker combined with a single to double to flat tail contour for high-performance shortboard style maneuvers and a concave for nose riding lift, refined but forgiving rails, and great volume all add up to nonstop wave catching performance/fun. Whether you are first timer looking for a board that will be easy to progress on, a weekend warrior that is looking for maximum wave time or if you are a ripper looking for that “transition period” mid-sized fun/performance option that takes an average day and makes it special, the Pickup Stick is always a perfect choice.

Lib Tech has been making boards for 35 years using materials that are both safe for the environment and the workers through the use of sustainable manufacturing practices. For example, Introgenecell Foam: Recycled: 25-40% recycled content, 100% of offcuts recycled and with VOC glycerin based chemistry. Made in the USA.


  • DIMENSIONS: 7'6 x 22.0 x 2.75

  • VOLUME: 52.9L

  • TAIL: Round


  • FINS: FOC & FCS II (not included)


  • SURFBOARD TYPE: Funboard


Magnesium Basalt Carbon Construction
Lib Tech MBC construction perfectly blends the best characteristics of epoxy: durability and liveliness with the best performance characteristics of polyester: flex and dampness. The addition of magnesium fiber improves the overall impact resistance, and the carbon composite stringer exactly matches the flex of new high-performance polyester and holds it for the life of the board. The world’s best surfboard construction just got even better!

Bottle Rocket Rails
This board also features Bottle Rocket Rails (BRR). Recycled PET (made from recycled polyethylene bottles) was incorporated into the rails which makes it impact resistant and still offers the same smooth ride you love in a Lib Tech.


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