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JS Surfboards and Cleanline Surf have a Drop Ship program! This means all JS Surfboards shown here are available to you! With a build time of 8 - 10 weeks, you have a lot of great options at your fingertips. Some boards may have an even shorter wait time or are available now! Have more questions? For more info or to learn more about JS Surfboards Shipping, Call 503-738-7888 or 888-546-6176 or use our contact us page.

X series contains the most versatile equipment in the JS range. Crossed between the hi performance and summer series boards, the X Series will provide good performance in a large variance of conditions. If you want 1 piece of equipment for a range of days or conditions, from 2 foot and fat to 4 foot and hollow, one of the below X Series models will fit your needs.

I started working with jack freestone mid 2012 to create a board that would suit the average conditions faced on the QS. Jack (like the rest of the team) was fixed on the MONSTA, making it the perfect foundation for a cross over model

To keep the performance feeling of the MONSTA I focused on exaggerating its small wave capabilities. By increasing concave, making it shorter, with more outline curve and softer rails it maintained its performance look and feel perfectly when surfed in softer fuller conditions.

It was soon picked up by the rest of the team and become an important addition to everyone’s quiver throughout the last part of 2012; always close by for when conditions deteriorated. By the end of 2012, MONSTA X had evolved and improved through the team’s valuable feedback and was released into 2013’s x-series at its absolute best!

Choose MONSTA X in varying conditions between 1-3 feet and ride 2 inches shorter than your normal performance model.

RAIL TYPE - MONSTA X has higher volume performance rail.

WAVE HEIGHT - Depending on fins and conditions, MONSTA X is designed to perform best in average to above average waves from 1 - 4 feet.

FIN TYPE - MONSTA comes stock and is recommended as a thruster. Alternative setups are available with custom orders. 

EXIT ROCKER - Flat (smallest) exit rocker will create drive and speed in small weak conditions.

SLIGHT ENTRY ROCKER - Best rocker for creating speed and glide in small to average conditions.

CONCAVE - Single concave starts in the nose to direct water under your feet for lift and speed. Double concave starts in front of fins wich maintains lift and directs water release for maneuverability.

Bruce Irons rides MONSTA X in 5'10 x 18 3/4 x 2 5/16 
Bruce's specs - Height: 5'10 (178cm) | Weight: 165lbs 76kg | Stance: Natural

Jack Freestone rides MONSTA X in 5'11 x 19 x 2 3/8 
Jack's specs - Height: 6'0 (183cm) | Weight: 176.3lbs 80kg | Stance: Natural

Joel Parkinson rides MONSTA X in 5'11 x 19 x 2 3/8 
Parko's specs - Height: 6'0 (183cm) | Weight: 180.7lbs 82kg | Stance: Natural

Luke Egan rides MONSTA X in 6'1 x 19 3/8 x 2 1/2 
Luke's specs - Height: 5'11 (180cm) | Weight: 198lbs 90kg | Stance: Goofy




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