JS Surfboards Dropped Swallow Surfboard

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JS Surfboards and Cleanline Surf have a Drop Ship program! This means all JS Surfboards shown here are available to you! With a build time of 8 - 10 weeks, you have a lot of great options at your fingertips. Some boards may have an even shorter wait time or are available now! Have more questions? For more info or to learn more about JS Surfboards Shipping, Call 503-738-7888 or 888-546-6176 or use our contact us page.

The Summer Series models are JS's most current and reputable small wave models. The Summer series commits itself to gaining the most out of small to average conditions allowing more days in the water.

JS has taken all the best components of the Matrix, added some area to the nose, a smoother outline, added new tail shape and created the Dropped Swallow

This model will have you flying across any section in that 1-2 foot range. One of the main talking points is the new tail shape; the sawn off effect offers all of the drive and leverage points that you can expect from a square tail, while the semi-swallow still allows positive rail to rail transitions. The best combination from 2 proven tail shapes.

THE CARBON! - It's not all about looks, the carbon is all about performance. Carbon has become a recognized design feature with many of the worlds top surfers using it; and like everything it can always be made better. So that's what JS did; After many test variations we have pinpointed the perfect balance of flex and strength through very precise positioning and quantity of carbon strands. Tail carbon is continued all the way to the drop swallow to ensure the subtle, but crucial tail curve does not flatten out in turns - allowing for responsive and consistent tail release.

Product Features

RAIL TYPE - Drop Swallow has a medium to full rail shape that allows for extra forgiveness.

WAVE HEIGHT - Depending on fins and conditions, Drop Swallow is designed to perform best in average to quality conditions from 0 - 3 feet.

FIN TYPE - Drop Swallow comes stock with 5 plug FCS set up to accommodate all types of conditions. Alternative setups are available with custom orders.

GLASSING - Drop Swallow comes with Single 4 oz bottom x double layer 4 oz deck + carbon patched tail patches and bottom center strip!

LITTLE ENTRY ROCKER - Little (slight) entry rocker is the best rocker for creating speed and glide in small to average conditions.

LITTLE EXIT ROCKER - Little (slight) exit rocker will create drive and speed in small to average conditions.

CONCAVE - Slight Vee in entry into slight double concave to deep double concave out the tail.

Kai Hing rides DROPPED SWALLOW in 5'4 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/8

Kai's specs - Height: 5'10 (177cm) | Weight: 150lbs 68kg | Stance: Natural

Kalani David rides DROPPED SWALLOW in 5'4 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/8

Kalani's specs - Height: 5'10.5 (179cm) | Weight: 155lbs 70.3kg | Stance: Natural

Adrian Buchan rides DROPPED SWALLOW in 5'5 x 19 7/8 x 2 3/8

Ace's specs - Height: 5'9 (175cm) | Weight: 167.5lbs 76kg | Stance: Goofy

Dusty Payne rides DROPPED SWALLOW in 5'6 x 20 x 2 1/2

Dusty's specs - Height: 5'10 (177cm) | Weight: 178.5lbs 81kg | Stance: Natural

Joel Parkinson rides DROPPED SWALLOW in 5'6 x 20 x 2 1/2

Parko's specs - Height: 6'0 (183cm) | Weight: 180.7lbs 82kg | Stance: Natural

Mark Occhilupo rides DROPPED SWALLOW in 5'9 x 20 3/8 x 2 9/16

Occy's specs - Height: 5'9 (176cm) | Weight: 194lbs 88kg | Stance: Goofy




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