Hotline Stage 3 Big Wave Calf Leash

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The Hotline Stage 3 Big Wave Calf Leash offers a padded cuff that attaches to your knee, durability and long lasting security in the water. The leash being fixed to the knee allows for more movement on the board and less twisting and knots. All Hotline Leashes feature a safety quick-release tab, detachable rail saver for use with your whole quiver and padded strap for a comfortable ride.

Hotline surf leashes have been a tried and true, reliable leash for surfing the cold waters of the Pacific. Hand tied construction out of Santa Cruz, CA, these leashes are made with the highest quality raw materials including a 600lb test (marine grade) anti-corrosive swivel and a premium grade lightweight urethane cord.

Product Features

  • Anti-corrosive swivel
  • Detachable railsaver
  • Hand tied construction
  • Padded calf / knee strap
  • Safety quick-release tab
  • Thickness: 5/16" / Wave Size: 8' to 10'+
  • Premium grade lightweight urethane cord
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