Gath Full Retractable Visored Helmet

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Offering complete head and face protection , the Gath Full Retractable Visored Helmet has been long favored by water sportsmen and rescue services for years. The unique close fit and stable design paired with the full face visor is optimal for shelter from the sun, helicopter prop wash and spray encountered while driving personal water crafts. The RV comes standard with fully adjustable audio vents and a gray visor that is is designed to retract up for normal vision or slide down to provide total face and eye UV protection.

Providing both total vision and maximum face protection against the damaging elements, the Retractable Visor Helmet is made from the latest high-impact shatterproof plastic. Made using non-stretch, standards-approved webbing and standards-approved quick-release buckles for a secure retention and fitted with a neoprene anti-rash sleeve for added comfort. All Gath helmet custom-built screws and rivets are made from strong non-corrosive, saltwater-resistant materials making these helmets low maintenance and easy-to-clean. This helmet has an advanced design that will deliver security and comfort, giving you the ability to be safe as possible while you pursue your goals in the water.

Product Features

  • Retractable Visor - High-impact shatterproof plastic designed to provide total face and eye UV protection that blocks out more than 98% of UV sunlight, regardless of visor color.
  • Face and Head Protection - Durable UV visor shields face and eyes and molded high-density foam padding adds protective insulation from bumps, helps hold helmet in proper position, and adds sizing element for optimal fit.
  • Neck Protection - The low volume, lightweight, rounded shell shape helps protect from the effects of "bucketing" water or from "snagging" the reef, a leash, or your board.
  • More Secure, Suction Cup Fit - Molded, closed-cell liner offers comfort, security and proper fitting of head shape.
  • First Class Materials - The Full Retractable Visored's shell is high impact resistant, quality ABS plastic. The molded closed-cell foam liner is comfortable and non-absorbent. Non-corrosive components and adhesives mean long-lasting durability and low maintenance.
  • Ultra-lightweight - The Full Retractable Visored weighs only 460-510 grams (.62 lb.-.67 lb.), depending on size. You might forget you're wearing it!


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