Futures Fins AM1 Blackstix 3.0 - Cream

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Staff Says Cleanline Staff Dexter Says:

"I just recently switched over from the Captain Fin Co Dane Reynolds futures fins to the new AM1 Black Stix 3.0. I am currently riding them on a 5'8 Dumpster Diver by Channel Islands. These fins have been a game changer with the way this board feels in 2-5 foot surf by far. The AM1 template enhanced with futures Black Stix technology and lined with an inside V2 foil really made my board come alive in waves that don't have much life in them. This allows me to place the board almost anywhere I want on the wave whether it be a critical section or just a roundhouse in the pocket. The wider base has given my board more drive down the line and generates a lot of speed to get around burgery sections. With a tapered tip they let you really release some power into your turns on waves that are lacking power in themselves. With these fins in my board, it has turned my dumpster diver into a little skateboard giving you full control. I would recommend these fins to anyone for their 2-5ft groveler board to really make it come alive."

The AM1 Blackstix fin was designed by Al Merrick. The Blackstix material and V2 foil give this fin a springy flex pattern, making it ideal for generating speed and drive in softer waves. The AM1 template offers a wider base for drive off of the bottom and a refined tip for release off the top, while the additional rake provides hold through carves.


Blackstix 3.0 have a flexible Carbon Fiber tip that loads up and releases energy for generating speed when you need it. Two layers of unidirectional carbon are strategically laid at the base of the fins, at an angle that controls how the tip of the fin bends and rotates, paired with asymmetrical carbon panels on the inside and outside of the fin, to bring a snappy feel to your board, enabling the unique liveliness that only Blackstix can provide. The V2 foil creates an effortless feeling rail-to-rail linkage, so you can keep speed while setting up big maneuvers down the line, even when the waves you’re surfing lack power. To add one more layer of performance to the Blackstix, we use epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is lighter, tougher & more resilient than polyester resin. These are the lightest fins in the Futures line.

Tech Specs

Center Fin:

  • Height: 4.29 in, 10.90 cm
  • Base: 4.31 in, 10.95 cm
  • Area: 13.35 sq in, 86.13 sq cm

Side Fins:

  • Height: 4.50 in, 11.43 cm
  • Base: 4.50 in, 11.43 cm
  • Area: 14.84 sq in, 95.74 sq cm


  • Size: Medium
  • Fins in set: 3
  • Outline: Al Merrick
  • Material: Black Stix 3.0 (RTM)


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