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Start with Hellrazor, a slightly shorter and wider board originally designed to replace your high performance shortboard. Give it to Timmy Reyes. Give it to Sally Fitzgibbons. Take their feedback. Put a little more volume under foot. Stretch out the length. Pull in the hips. Keep the mellow double concave and stepped rail. Apply it across a range of lengths. Release it as the Hellrazor II. The Hellrazor II is a high performance machine that directly incorporates the feedback of the world's best surfers and puts it into a size that fits you.

That's it. The Hellrazor II is a high performance machine that directly incorporates the feedback of the world's best surfers and puts it into a size that fits you. Timmy and Sally have found competitive success on this exact formula and it stands as a high performance shortboard for competent to elite surfers. With progressive nose and tail rockers that you would expect to find in your normal shortboard, the thing that sets this board apart is the added volume in the middle of the board. The slightly domed deck and refined rails mean that the board paddles great without sacrificing response in steep, hollow and powerful surf.

Stick to your preferred performance volume with this one and get ready to dominate chest to well overhead surf.


FST relies primarily on the PARABOLIC Balsa Rail to control flex while the high density aerospace composite vacuumed to both top and bottom decks provides significant impact strength, and is stronger than the traditional PU surfboard. Please note our boards are definitely not indestructible and if slammed by a thick lip, or if you land incorrectly in the flats after doing an aerial, it is possible to break them.

The Parabolic Balsa Rail features 12mm balsa built from 3 x 4mm strips, which as mentioned not only control flex and add strength, but also act as a buffer against rail dings. Furthermore, the long-term flex memory supplied by the balsa rails ensures boards maintain their lively feel for longer.

With a retail price point slightly above premium polyurethane surfboards, FST offers an extremely high performance, durable surfboard.





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